We are online distributors of Hager door closers. We sell Hager door closers from their series product lines including the Hager 5100 Closer, the Hager 5200 Closer, the Hager 5300 Door Closer and the Hager 5400 Series Door closer. Over the years, we have grown familiar with the brand’s product lines, and we are always excited to see the satisfaction that Hager door closers bring to our customers.

Hager Door Closers Manufacturer Profile

Charles Hager started working for a blacksmith in St. Louis about 170 years ago. Hager purchased the blacksmith shop a year later. It was in 1878 that he changed the shop name to C. Hager and Sons Hinge Company. Over a decade later, he started making hinges that go on wooden cases that hold beer.

His son, August W. Hager, became president of the company with the start of the 1900’s, and his other son, Charles A. Hager, became the company president in 1929. The company continued to be passed from family member to family member and even through different generations.

It wasn’t until 2004 that Hager began manufacturing their now popular Hager door closers. They continue to grow as a manufacturer and develop new, innovative ideas that add value to the door industry. At RBA Door, we sell Hager door closers online to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Our Hager Door Closers Selection

Take a look at our selection of Hager door closers. To find out more about the Hager 5100 Door Closers, the Hager 5200 Door Closers, the 5300 Hager Door Closers and the 5400 Hager door closers, read the details below.

Hager 5100 Closer

The Hager 5100 Closer is Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA Certified and complies with The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) accessibility standards. The heavy-duty Hager 5100 Closer is made of cast iron making it tough to stand against high potential damage. 

Because the Hager 5100 Door Closer is extremely durable and strong, we recommend using it in buildings that typically have high traffic flow. The Hager 5100 Closer was built specifically to be used in these types of facilities. Hospitals and schools are two examples of the types of buildings the Hager 5100 Closer can often be found in. 

The Hager 5100 Closer is also non-handed, which means it can be applied to both left-handed and right-handed doors. The Hager 5100 Closer should only be used on doors that weigh 330 lbs or less.

Other features of the Hager 5100 Closer include their various valves that each have different purposes. The Hager 5100 Closer comes with adjustable valves for latching, sweep speed and backcheck. You also have the option of whether or not you want to use the delayed action valve with the Hager 5100 Series Door Closer.

Hager 5200 Closer

The Hager 5200 Closer is another one of their products that is Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA Certified and it also adheres to ADA codes. Like the Hager 5100 Closer, the Hager 5200 Closer was built for heavy-duty door control. Because of this, the Hager 5200 Closer should be used in buildings that have consistently heavy traffic flow on a daily basis.

The Hager 5200 Closer is non-handed and features the same kinds of valves that the Hager 5100 Closer has. The Hager 5200 Door Closer differs from the Hager 5100 Closer in that it is made of aluminum alloy, not cast iron. Plus, the Hager 5200 Closer should be used on doors that weigh 250 lbs or less. 

The Hager 5200 Series Door Closer comes with the standard full plastic cover, and you can get an optional slim line plastic cover and an optional full size plated metal cover. Please refer to the Hager 5200 Closer product page if you would like to see more details and a product photo. 

Hager 5300 Closer

The Hager 5300 Door Closer comes with the full plastic cover plus a pinion cap. Like the Hager 5100 Closer and the Hager 5200 Closer, the Hager 5300 Closer is heavy-duty for use in high traffic buildings such as hospitals and schools. The Hager 5300 Closer is also Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA Certified and it follows ADA regulations.

The body of the Hager 5300 Series Door Closer is built from aluminum alloy. This ensures that the Hager 5300 Series Closer remains tough and durable in order to withstand the high traffic it will be regularly subjected to.

Are you looking for a part that goes with these Hager door closers? We also carry the 5300 Hager Closer Hold Open Arm 5307 separately as a replacement part.

Hager 5400 Door Closer

Last on the list of Hager door closers we sell online are the 5400 Series Hager Door Closers. These Hager door closers differ from the Hager 5100 Closer, the Hager 5200 Closer and the 5300 in that they are Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA Certified.

These non-handed Hager door closers have staked adjustment valves so they can not be removed. Adjustable valves for the 5400 Hager Door Closers include latching, sweep speed and an optional backcheck valve. 

While these Hager door closers are made of aluminum alloy material, they were also specifically designed for light-duty uses in buildings that typically have lower traffic flow. There are a few ways to mount the 5400 Hager Door Closers including top jamb, push or pull. 

Make sure that you check the lead time on each of the Hager door closers so that you have a general idea of how long it will take to be shipped to you. 

If the Lead Time on the item’s product page notes that it is In Stock, then those Hager door closers will ship from our warehouse immediately. If there is a Lead Time of a few days or weeks, then we do not have those Hager door closers in stock and there will be a waiting period before they can be shipped to you.

Contact Us About Hager Closers

Whether you need a Hager 5100 Closer, a Hager 5200 Closer, a Hager 5300 Door Closer or 5400 Series Hager Door Closers, we sell the exact Hager door closers you are searching for. Order your Hager 5100 Door Closer, Hager 5200 Door Closer, 5300 and 5400 Hager door closers from our site and we will ship it to your home or business in the U.S. or Canada.

We are here Monday through Friday if you need assistance with your Hager door closers order. Please contact us and let us know what questions you have about Hager door closers and your online order. 

We want you to receive the best Hager closers for your door, so allow us to help you with your purchase. Give us a call or email to receive professional assistance today with your order of Hager door closers.

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  1. Hager 5200 Series Door Closer

    Hager 5200 Series Door Closer

    Hager 5200 Series Grade 1 door closer is ideal for schools, hospitals, and other high abuse and high traffic environments. It is constructed of an aluminum alloy and provides smooth door control. The 5200 Series door closer is easy to install and maintain­­ keeping your building safe and secure.

    The Hager 5200 Door Closer body has a hole spacing of 3/4" x 12"

    As low as $197.59
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