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LCN 8310 Door Closer Actuators

Here at RBA Door, we have been supplying commercial door actuators plus related parts and supplies across the country since 1970. We offer a wide variety of door control hardware made by LCN such as door closer actuators. LCN has been a leading name in door hardware manufacturers since their start in 1926, so we trust the reliability of the LCN 8310 actuators. 

You can make your building entrances and exits accessible to all when you install LCN 8310 actuators to the doors. We offer the necessary parts for mounting and installation of your LCN 8310 actuator.

About LCN 8310 Actuators 

Our online selection of LCN 8310 series actuators has both circular and square-shaped items. The LCN 8310 series actuators that we sell also come in various styles and sizes. Below we have provided a brief look into each of the LCN 8310 series actuators that we carry. 

Circular LCN 8310 Actuators

The 8310-856T LCN Wall Mount Actuator 4-½ Inches With Text is one of the circular LCN 8310 series actuators that we carry. This LCN 8310 actuator has engraved text and a 4-½ inch diameter. The text on this LCN 8310 actuator reads “PUSH TO OPEN.”

The 8310-856 LCN Wall Mount Actuator also has a 4-½ inch diameter, but it has an engraved icon and no text. Similarly, the 8310-852 LCN Wall Mount Actuator has an engraved handicap symbol and no text. This LCN 8310 actuator has a 6 inch diameter.

We also have the 8310-852T LCN Wall Mount Actuator With Text. This 6 inch LCN 8310 actuator has an engraved handicap symbol as well as “PUSH TO OPEN” text.

Square LCN 8310 Actuators

The square-shaped LCN 8310 actuators we sell online consist of the 8310-853T LCN Wall Mount Actuator With Text and the 8310-853 LCN Wall Mount Actuator. The first of the two has an engraved handicap symbol plus text. This LCN 8310 actuator is 4-¾ inches.

The second of the two square-shaped LCN 8310 actuators that we offer has the engraved lettering without any text. This LCN 8310 actuator is also 4-¾ inches.

Take another look at our LCN 8310 series actuators if you’re still unsure of which one will be best for your building’s needs. You can always feel free to reach out to the professionals at our office for more help with your order of LCN 8310 series actuators.

LCN 8310 Actuator Package Features

We carry three styles of LCN 8310 actuator packages. The LCN 8310-3857TW Wireless Actuator Package includes two 4-¾ inch square-shaped wireless 8310-853T actuators that can be wall mounted and several other key components. 

This LCN 8310 actuator package also contains two 8310-867S Surface Mount Boxes, two 8310-844 Jamb Mount Transmitters, two 8310-801 Weather Rings, plus one 8310-865 Receiver. See the product picture for this LCN 8310 actuator package to get a better idea of the parts that are included.

The LCN 8310-3860TW Wireless Actuator Package is one of the other options we have. This one comes with two 4-½ inch round 8310-856T wireless actuators that should also be wall mounted. This LCN 8310 actuator package contains two 8310-868S Surface Mount Boxes, two 8310-844 Jamb Mount Transmitters, two 8310-800 Weather Rings and one 8310-865 Receiver.

The last LCN 8310 actuator package option we have is the LCN 8310-3822TW Wireless Actuator Package. It comes with two rectangular 8310-818T wireless jamb mount actuators that are 1-½ inches x 4-¾ inches. 

Note that this particular LCN 8310 actuator package should only be used on building interiors. The package contents also include one 8310-865 Receiver, two 8310-844J Jamb Mount Transmitters and two 8310-819S Surface Mount Boxes.

Be sure to check the lead time on the product pages for each of the LCN 8310 series actuators and packages. Some of these LCN 8310 series actuators and packages are not currently in our warehouse and may have up to a one week lead time for shipping.

Questions On LCN 8310 Series Actuators

Do you need help with your LCN 8310 actuator order? The staff at RBA Door is here to assist you accordingly.

Our customers are always welcome to give us a call when they are stuck on a question about their order of LCN 8310 actuators. The phone number to our main office is 1 (800) 642-2403. You can also email with a brief description of your product and/or order inquiries, and we will respond as soon as possible.

We always want your shopping experience with us to be easy and stress-free, so don’t feel reluctant to contact us when our help is needed. Contact us from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and we will be able to offer you immediate assistance with your LCN 8310 actuator purchases.