We have an entire website section of Rixson door closers and relevant hardware for online shoppers to browse here at RBA Door. Our selection of Rixson closers includes two styles of Rixson floor closers. These were made with the purpose of being mounted inside of the floor in order to be aesthetically pleasing. 

Rixson floor door closers are often installed in public facilities with many people coming in and out such as office complexes, fitness buildings, grade schools and universities, warehouses and convention centers. 

When you order Rixson door closers from our web store, we will have them shipped to your home or office. Our office and warehouse are in Troy, Michigan and we are more than happy to ship your order of closers to your home or office address in the United States or in Canada. 

The moment that we became Rixson door closer distributors, we immediately recognized the outstanding dependability of the products. We are extremely pleased to be leading suppliers of Rixson door closers and Rixson floor closer hardware.

About The Rixson Door Closers Brand

Rixson was founded by Oscar C. Rixson when the manufacturer first put down roots in Chicago in 1900. His manufacturing business began with the production of window hardware and surface mounted door closers, and it later blossomed into more. It wasn’t until several years later that he began making Rixson closers that could be installed inside of the floor underneath a door, which are commonly referred to as Rixson floor closers. 

The Rixson floor closers manufacturer is now part of the ASSA ABLOY Group. This group is primarily focused on providing door locking and opening solutions in order to satisfy the security needs of both business and residential consumers across the globe. 

We invite you to shop our online store and browse our selection of Rixson floor closers. As dedicated Rixson floor closer distributors, RBADoor.com is a trusted website to order your closers from. Make RBA Door your go-to Rixson floor closer distributors and come back to visit our web store if you need to order replacement parts in the future. 

Shop Our Rixson Door Closers Selection

Our supply of Rixson floor closers consists of the 27 Model Rixson floor closer and the 28 Model Rixson floor closer. Discover the different features of each of these Rixson floor closers by reading the brief summaries we’ve provided below or by following the link that will bring you to a product page.

Rixson 27 Floor Closer

The Rixson 27 Door Closer is available in left-handed and right-handed versions and is offset hung. You can get only the cylinder shipped to you by selecting Less All Parts - Cylinder Only from the Type dropdown menu on the product page for the Rixson 27. The other alternative is to purchase the Rixson 27 with the hinges and cover plate included.

The 27 Rixson Floor Closer features separate valves for adjusting latching speed, closing speed and backcheck. When applied underneath the door, this closer will prevent the door from swinging too far open with its positive dead stop mechanism. The 27 Rixson Floor Closer can be installed under both interior and exterior doors in commercial buildings.

We carry the Rixson 27 in brushed chrome and dark bronze finishes. Select the color you prefer from the Cover Plate Finish dropdown menu on the Rixson 27 Series Floor Closer product page. 

The 27 Rixson Floor Closer can be used with fire rated doors. The standard top pivot is automatically included when you order this closer from our online hardware store.

Rixson 28 Floor Closer

The Rixson Model 28 Floor Closer is also available in left-handed and right-handed versions. This Rixson center hung floor closer can come with only the cylinder OR with hinges and cover plate. Make your preferred selection on the Type dropdown menu.

The Rixson 28 Floor Closer features the same valves as the 27 Rixson Floor Closer and can be mounted under interior or exterior doors in buildings. The main difference between the two is that the Rixson 28 is center hung whereas the 27 Rixson Floor Closer is offset hung as previously mentioned.

The Rixson 28 should not be installed under fire rated doors. The finish options for the Rixson 28 Series Floor Closer are brushed chrome and dark bronze.

Rixson Door Closer Parts Sold Online

Two important Rixson floor closer parts that we sell are the 27 Series Bottom Arm Package and the 28 Series Bottom Arm Package. The product pages on our web store for these arm packages include a diagram of the included parts that come in each package.

Your Rixson Closers Order

Place your online order of Rixson floor closers with us today. Let us know what questions you have about the 27 Rixson Floor Closer, the Rixson Model 28 or any of the hardware that can be used with these items. We will also answer your inquiries about shipping in the U.S. and Canada, Rixson floor closer prices, the payment method you would like to use and more.

We have been around for over 40 years, so we have lots of experience working with Rixson floor closers and other Rixson brand door hardware. Our friendly professionals will always be delighted to share their knowledge with you when you would like to learn more about Rixson floor closers and their various components. Reach out to us Monday through Friday anywhere from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon Eastern Time Zone and we will provide you with direct assistance.

You can reach us at 1 (800) 642-2403 or at Sales@RobertBrooke.com to ask us about our inventory. One of our door professionals will promptly be in touch with you with the answers to your questions.

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  1. Rixson 27 Series Door Closer

    • Available (NHO) non-hold open,
    (SHO) selective
    hold open. Specify degree (90, or
    • Standard top pivot: 180 included
    • Cycolac cement case
    • Separate independent valves for closing,
    latch and backcheck adjustments
    • Built-in positive dead stop prevents door
    from swinging beyond the desired
    opening degree
    • Vertical door adjustment

    When Less All Parts is selected only the Cylinder is shipped, just the replacement hydraulic cylinder will be shipped

    right hand left hand diagram

    Plated Door Finishes

    As low as $1,010.00
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