Sargent Panic Devices

Sargent panic devices and Sargent panic hardware have been on the market for at least 50 years, but Sargent Manufacturing Company initially made its start in the hardware industry more than 150 years ago. They currently manufacture devices and parts for single and double doors, in either rim, surface vertical rod, mortise or concealed vertical versions.

You’ve stumbled upon the perfect place to order Sargent exit devices, Sargent exit device trims, and Sargent panic hardware for the commercial doors you are currently in the process of working on. Our web store contains two whole pages of Sargent exit devices and Sargent exit devices parts, so go ahead and start browsing. We are sure that you will come across the Sargent exit devices and hardware you were searching for.

Shipping Sargent Panic Devices

Most Sargent panic devices parts are in stock in our warehouse and will ship within 24 hours.  Factory orders include Sargent panic devices that require special finishes, sizing, and Sargent panic device parts. These custom-built Sargent panic devices and Sargent panic device parts can take up to 5 weeks to ship.

Sargent Exit Device Series

Sargent 20 Series – The 20 Series Sargent panic device is their economy line device. It comes in two styles, the 2828 Sargent rim exit device and the 2727 surface vertical rod device. Both panic device units are Grade 1 and feature a powder coated finish instead of the usually plated finish.

Sargent 30 Series – The 30 Series is another economy line panic device. These Sargent panic devices also come in two styles, the 3828 Sargent rim exit device and the 3727 surface vertical rod device. The 30 series features a powder coat paint finish and are Grade 1 rated devices.

Sargent 60 Series – The 60 Series was in production from the 1970’s until January 1990. The main difference between the Sargent 60 Series and the Sargent Exit Devices 80 Series is the push pad. On the 60 Series Sargent panic device, the push pad goes all the way across the device, whereas the Sargent Exit Devices 80 Series only covers two thirds of the push bar channel. Many of the parts are the same as the 20, 30 and Sargent Exit Devices 80 Series.  You might want to contact us on the parts that will cross over. 

Sargent 80 Series – The Sargent Exit Devices 80 Series is currently their flagship panic device and is very popular in the industry today. The Sargent Exit Devices 80 Series is a heavy-duty device that offers many plated finishes to fit most design criteria. Call or email for part breakdowns, detailed instructions and templates for the Sargent Exit Devices 80 Series.

Sargent 90 Series – The 90 Series Sargent exit devices are their cross bar style panic hardware. This Sargent panic device has been in production since the 1980’s and has changed very little. Most of the complete devices are now a factory order, but most parts are on the shelf.

Sargent Panic Hardware

Don’t forget about our supply of Sargent exit devices parts. This is the hardware you will need when making repairs to your current Sargent exit devices.

Our extensive Sargent exit devices parts list consists of surface strikes, spindles, return springs, latch bolt springs, end caps, brackets, push bar pins and tons more. The replacement Sargent exit devices parts that you are seeking are only a click away.

Plus, choose from several styles of Sargent exit device trims. We carry the Sargent 20 Series Knob Trim, the Sargent 20 Series Night Latch Trim, the Sargent 20 Series Lever Trim, the Sargent 20 Series Dummy Trim and the Sargent 80 Series Lever Trim. The Sargent 80 Series Lever Trim product page features a chart with complete mechanism details.

Feel free to continue to browse this website in order to locate the Sargent exit device trims and other Sargent exit devices parts for your commercial door project. Pick the color and size of your choosing, add to cart, head to check out to make the purchase and you will be all set with your order.

Sargent Exit Devices Manufacturing Company

Sargent Manufacturing Company was originally founded in 1857 by the Sargent brothers. Their factory started off in New Britain, Connecticut but was later moved to New Haven, CT in 1864.

In its many years of business, Sargent has grown to manufacture well over 60,000 products. It is now one of the largest hardware factories in the U.S. Sargent was acquired by ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions in 1996.

Sargent Lock specializes in bored locks, mortise locks, exit devices and door controls. The Sargent exit devices manufacturer continues to produce new and original product designs. The company’s latest developments have come with the integration of electro-mechanical products.

Sargent Panic Devices Online Orders  

Place your online order of Sargent panic devices, Sargent exit device trims and Sargent exit devices parts with us today. We will happily help you with your online order if you wish. 

Call us on our office phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 during business hours during the week. If you come up with important questions about Sargent exit devices during the weekend, email so we can reach you at our earliest convenience.

Allow us to provide you with ample guidance while ordering your mortise, surface and concealed, and Sargent rim exit devices from our online store. Our experts are here to make the buying process flow as smoothly as it possibly can.

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  1. Sargent 8800 Series Rim Panic Device 8888

    For Doors Wood or metal. 1-3/4"(44mm) and 2-1/4" (57mm) thick
    Mounting Supplied standard with wood and machine screws
    Chassis Cover Cold drawn brass, bronze or stainless steel
    Chassis Nonferrous alloy
    Hand Non-handed

    As low as $1,338.35
  2. Sargent 9898 Rim Panic Device

    For Doors Wood or metal. 1 3/4" (44.5mm) thick standard. 2 1/4"(57mm) thick on order.
    4 1/8" (105mm) miminum stile
    Mounting Supplied standard with wood and machine screws.
    Chassis Cover Brass, bronze or stainless steel
    Chassis Nonferrous alloy
    Crossbar 1" brass, bronze and stainless steel tubing.
    Hand Reversible
    Dogging Standard Allen key dogging

    As low as $1,868.90
  3. Sargent 2727 Panic Device

    • Engineered with minimum components and maintenance-free
    • Modular design allows for phased component installation. Chassis assembly can be mounted separately to secure the door during construction
    • Retrofits to all applications
    • One chassis design to accept all available functions/trims
    • Reinforced cast (ZA) alloy chassis – exceptional strength and durability. Withstands 2X more static load forces compared to a stamped steel chassis
    • Endures over 4 times the ANSI/BHMA A156.3 2001 Grade 1 cycle testing standard
    • Non-handed rim; reversible vertical rod
    • Solid stainless steel latch. Meets UL panic test requirements without roller strikes which compromise strength and durability
    • Three year warranty

    exit device handing diagram

    As low as $1,193.91
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