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Von Duprin Exit Device

Von Duprin exit devices are available in a variety of styles and price points for just about every door out in the industry today. Within the Von Duprin exit device series, they are available in rim, surface vertical rod, mortise, and concealed vertical rod. You can also choose between plated and powder coated finishes. You’re sure to find exactly what you need with options for electric latch retraction, alarmed, request to exit plus many more. Each and every Von Duprin exit device meets or exceeds all Federal and State compliance codes, are UL Listed and are all Grade 1 rated, which is the highest possible rating.

Shipping Information for Von Duprin Panic Hardware

In-stock Von Duprin parts ship within 24 hours from our warehouse in Troy, Michigan.  Non-stock items ship directly to you from the Von Duprin warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana which usually have about a 5 working day lead-time.

Series Options for Von Duprin Exit Devices

Von Duprin 22 Series – The 22 series is the most economical of all the Von Duprin’s.  The exit device features steel construction that is then powder coated for a durable painted finish.  This device is available in rim and surface vertical rod models that can be rated for fire and non-fire rated doors.  The Von Duprin 22 Series also have 8 available outside handles or trim that will work for just about every application.  You can also get this device with the alarm option. 

Von Duprin 33A/35A Series – The 33A/35A is designed for narrow stile applications.   A narrow stile means a narrow frame, usually about 1-3/4” wide, which is what we find on aluminum framed glass storefront doors.  The exit devices in this series are available in rim, surface vertical rod and concealed vertical rod for fire and non-fire rated doors.  The 33A/35A features a plated finish, deadlocking latch bolt, and an internal shock absorber for reduced noise.  You can order this exit device with 5 outside trims, from night latch to lever.  They also offer alarmed, request to exit, latch bolt monitoring, electric latch retraction and cylinder dogging, just to name a few options.  Their is also an older version of this device, called the 33/35 Series that was made until 2002.  The most of parts on the 33A/35A will not work on the 33/35.   Call for more information on the 33/35 parts.

Von Duprin 55 Series – The 55 is designed for narrow stile applications, with the traditional looking cross bar style.   It is constructed of cast brass or bronze and then plated to your selected finish. This device has been around since the 1960’s and many are still going strong.   The Von Duprin 55 Series exit device is available in rim and concealed vertical rod.  They offer 5 different outside trim options for this device.

Von Duprin 88 Series – The Von Duprin 88 Series has been around since the 1950’s and has the traditional cross bar styling.  The device is constructed of cast brass or bronze that is then plated to your selected finish.  The arms are drop forgings for added strength and rigidity. The Von Duprin 88 Series is available in rim, surface vertical rod, mortise and concealed vertical rod models.  They offer 11 different outside trim options.

Von Duprin 98/99 Series – The 98/99 Series has been around since the 1970’s.  They offer two different versions, the 98 series that has a smooth mechanism case, and the 99 series that has a ribbed or grooved mechanism case.  The pieces and parts are the same; it is just the appearance of the exit devices that is different.  The Von Duprin 98/99 is available in rim, surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod and mortise.  They also over 12 different styles of outside trims.   They offer cylinder dogging, electric latch retraction, alarmed and the Chexit controlled exit devices.

Von Duprin Mullions -  Von Duprin offers 7 different styles of mullions in steel and aluminum constructions.   Along with the complete units, we also have the replacement brackets for the top and bottom, or in sets.

Von Duprin Strikes – The strike is the one of the most important components of the exit hardware.  Each manufacturer uses something different, and the Underwriter Certification is dependent on that strike.  To qualify for the UL rating, you must use the manufactures recommended strike.  Von Duprin offers about 19 different strikes and we stock all of them.

History of Von Duprin

The Iroquois Theatre Fire that occurred on December 30, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois resulted in 596 lives lost.  Carl Prinzler, who was supposed to attend the show that night, was spared from the tragic incident when he missed the show due to business.  During that time, it was common for theater doors to be locked shut as to keep non-paying people out.  That also meant that patrons inside the theater would be locked inside the theater.

Five years later on January 14, 1908, the lives of 174 children were lost when the Lakeview School at North Collinwood in Cleveland Ohio burned down.  Distraught by the loss of so many lives in both catastrophes, Prinzler decided a solution must be found.  He sought out his architectural engineer friend, Henry H. Dupont.  Together they worked to develop a new door exit device that allowed people to exit the building from inside while simultaneously locking others out.  They collaborated with Vonnegut Hardware Company to bring their exit device to market in 1908.  With their combined efforts, they dubbed the name Von Duprin, a compilation of all three names.

After numerous experiments and with lots of energy, effort and hard work put in, Von Duprin had finally developed a universally accepted product. From there, Von Duprin began with a simple four-page circular listing and describing all their exit devices. They continued to put out bigger and bigger catalogs which included their increasingly growing line of exit devices and parts.

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