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Panic Device Strikes | Exit Device Strikes For Doors

Exit device strikes are common panic parts that might need to be replaced over time. Panic device strikes are important to keeping a panic device functioning, so knowing where to purchase new strikes is imperative. 

Exit device strikes are usually matched to the manufacturer and the manufacturer series. For instance, a Von Duprin 299 Strike will usually not work with a Corbin Russwin ED8200. 

If you know the manufacturer of your panic hardware, look for the strike for that manufacturer. If you are unsure of which exit device strikes or panic device you have, send us a picture of both pieces and we will try to match it to the correct one.   

We have two full web pages that contain exit device strikes that you can purchase online. That’s almost 50 exit device strikes that you can browse on our website. We carry exit device strikes from over 10 brands, each one being completely dedicated to producing high-quality products. 

Place your order of exit device strikes today if you already know which style you need. If not, give us a call or email and we will provide you with prompt customer assistance.

Shop Exit Device Strikes Online

The exit device strikes that we distribute on our web store vary in features. You will find that specific exit device strikes will go best with a certain panic device, usually one with the same manufacturer brand. 

First, locate the brand of panic device that you have. It should be listed on one of our two exit device strikes pages. Next, sort through the exit device strikes of that brand and determine the specific style you need. Our friendly staff members are always here to help you with this if you have any questions while you are shopping. 

We have many styles of panic device strikes such as electric strikes, top and bottom exit device strikes, exit device strikes for rim panic devices and more.

Electric Strikes For Panic Devices

If you are looking for electric strikes, then you may have a Von Duprin brand or HES brand panic device. We carry four styles of Von Duprin exit device strikes and two styles of HES exit device strikes. 

All of the Von Duprin panic device strikes that we sell will work on rim exit devices. Choose from dark bronze or stainless steel versions plus fail-secure (FSE) or fail-safe (FS) versions.

Our product description for the Von Duprin 6114 24VDC Electric Strike contains a diagram that might be useful when installing the part. Be sure to look over the product descriptions to collect any other information about the electric strikes that you were seeking.

The HES electric strikes that we carry are the HES 9400 Electric Strike and the HES 5000 Electric Strike Package. Pick your preferred color or finish from the dropdown menu on each product page. 

Top And Bottom Exit Device Strikes

Among the exit device strikes that we carry are some that were made to be installed on top and some that were made to be installed on the bottom of a panic device. 

The Falcon 2130 Bottom Latch Strike can be used with a few panic devices such as the 19-V, 24-V, 25-V and the XX-V. These panic device strikes can either be recess mounted to the floor or they can fit into the doorway threshold. The Falcon 3788 Top Latch Strike can be used with a few panic devices, too, such as the 18-V, 19-V, 24-V, 25-V and the XX-V.

Sargent offers two styles of bottom exit device strikes. Both the Sargent 624 Bottom Surface Strike and the Sargent 655 Bottom Surface Strike can be used with Series 20, 30, 80 and 90 of surface vertical rod devices. The Sargent 624 Bottom Surface Strike can also be used with Series 60. To install, mount the Sargent 624 to the floor and the latch will lock on.

Yale also manufactures a few styles of bottom and top strikes. This includes the Yale 790 Bottom Strike, the Yale 791 Top Strike and the Yale 794 Bottom Strike.

Rim Exit Device Strikes

We also carry a number of strikes that can be used with rim exit devices. You can tell if you have a rim panic device because it will have a latch bolt that extends beyond its center case. If the product name doesn’t state it, then the product descriptions should state which types of panic devices each of the panic device strikes is compatible with.

The Corbin Russwin ED4000/5000 Rim Strike #650F29 is one of the rim exit device strikes that we carry. These rim exit device strikes can be used with the ED4200 panic device and the ED5200 panic device. The Corbin Russwin ED5200(A) Rim Strike, or #650F30-8, can be used with their panic devices that are fire rated.

Other Corbin Russwin rim exit device strikes that we carry are the Corbin Russwin ED6200 Rim Strike and the Corbin Russwin ED8200 Rim Strike. We also have a few Von Duprin brand strikes that work on rim panic devices.

Let us know if you are uncertain of whether the panic device you have installed is a rim exit device. We will get you the information that you require that will help you complete your online purchase.

Connect With Us: Exit Device Strikes Distributors

Ask us about your order of panic device strikes whether you need more info on a product, you would like to know which panic device your strike is compatible with, or you have questions about shipping and payment. We have been in business for over 40 years and together our staff members have the collective skills to get you the best exit device strikes for the doors in your establishment.

Contact us either by email or phone so that you can speak directly with one of our knowledgeable professionals. You can catch us from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are always eager to lend a hand in your door security hardware project.

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