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Dorma Door Closers | Affordable Dorma Closers For Doors

At RBA Door, we carry a wide selection of Dorma door closers from various series in the brand. We also sell some of the hardware and accessories that are used with Dorma door closers. 

Our selection of Dorma door closers, hardware and accessories includes products that can be used in buildings with high traffic and low-power products that will close the door slowly to benefit individuals with disabilities.

Dorma door closers are often found in business and organization facilities. You might come across Dorma closers in churches, schools, fitness centers, convention centers and buildings that contain offices. If you are searching for highly recommended door control solutions for the commercial establishment you work in, then choose the unmatched craftsmanship and exclusive features of Dorma door closers for your doors.

About Dorma Door Closer Manufacturer

The start of Dorma closers company dates back to over 150 years ago. The beginnings of the brand can be traced all the way back to 1908. They officially entered into the closer industry in 1950.

The company manufactures security and access products for doors. We wouldn’t be surprised if you have previously encountered Dorma door closers when entering or exiting a building because millions of Dorma closers have been installed across the world. In fact, in 2010 the manufacturer reached a milestone of 100 million closers sold during that year.

It wasn’t until 2015 that they joined forces with Kaba and officially became Dormakaba. Dormakaba now uses the joint effort of Dorma and Kaba by combining their resources to provide Grade A closers and other hardware for their customers. We are proud to be an online distributor of some of the finest Dorma door closers that they produce. 

Our Supply Of Dorma Closers

Take a look at our supply of affordable Dorma door closers that you can purchase online. Do you see the item that you need? All of the Dorma products that we sell online fit onto one page which features about ten items from the brand. 

We’ve laid out our selection of Dorma door closers and related parts below in an organized fashion for customer convenience and ease of use. You can use the outline below as a guide for further assistance when ordering Dorma closers and Dorma door closer parts from our web store. 

Dorma Concealed Door Closer

Are you specifically looking to purchase a Dorma concealed door closer but are unsure of which item to choose? If so, you’ll want to check out the RTS88 Dorma Closer. This Dorma overhead concealed closer will come in handy when surface closers will not work with certain doors or when they would lessen the door’s aesthetic quality.

You can apply the RTS88 to either single or double doors. We distribute this closer in a few versions. You can choose to order it with or without the hold open option at either 90 degrees or 105 degrees. It comes with a few adjustment valves, one of which can relieve pressure in order to keep it from getting damaged when the door has been forced shut.

Dorma 8616 Door Closer

We carry the 8616 from the Dorma Door Closer 8600 Series. This item should be surface applied when installing. Some of its distinguishing features include its adjustable valve for spring power and adjustable valve for back check. 

This Dorma door closer is non-handed for use on left, right and non-handed doors. It is also an ANSI Grade 1 certified Dorma door closer.

This item can also be placed under the ADA compliant and barrier-free category. It meets the requirements of The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Install this Dorma door closer on wooden, aluminum or hollow metal doors in commercial establishments. The color options for the Dorma 8616 Closer are aluminum and dark bronze.

Dorma 8916 Door Closer

Another product that we carry is the 8916 from the Dorma Door Closer 8900 Series. The ANSI Grade 1 certified Dorma 8916 Closer can operate in institutions with heavy traffic flow. It has adjustable valves for both spring power and back check. We recommend that you consider this Dorma door closer when you are shopping for a heavy-duty closer that meets barrier-free standards. 

Our selection of Dorma door closers doesn’t end there. We also carry a number of other Dorma closers and parts for Dorma closers including the 7414 Dorma Door Closer, the Conversion Plate BP86C, the 8835 Top Arm for RTS88, the 8832 Top Arm and Channel for RTS88, the 8831 Top Arm for RTS88 and the 8812 Offset Slide Arm for RTS88. Visit the product pages to find a brief description containing details about each Dorma door closer and part.

Contact Dorma Door Closer Experts

Whether your door requires a Dorma concealed closer, a surface applied Dorma door closer or a closer for both single and double doors, we have exactly what you need to add to the doors that are attached to your facility. We are available on weekdays to help you complete your online order. Contact us by emailing or by calling 1 (800) 642-2403.

We are eager to assist you with your purchase so that you receive the best Dorma door closers for your hardware project. Please ask us any questions you have regarding prices, checking out, payment method, shipping, product details and more. One of our experts will gladly help you out when you reach out to us by email or phone call.