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Door Closers from LCN

LCN door closers are available for a wide variety of applications. Whether you have an interior, exterior or fire door LCN has the solution for you.

If you are looking to repair, renovate an existing, or have a new construction project requiring door closers we can help with the selection process, size, and mounting.

History of LCN Door Closers

In 1876, Mr. L. C. Norton was sent to Boston, Massachusetts to help build the
 Boston Trinity Church. The church
 was located on the Back Bay facing south and west - at times encountering 
some very severe wind conditions. When the church began operation in 1880, the pastor, 
Rev. Brooks and his congregation quickly found out that the strong winds would 
force the doors close with a thunderous bang. Mr. Norton’s attempt to remedy the situation was to hang the doors on double-
spring hinges. He had now uncovered a second problem. The slamming stopped but now the strong winds made the doors stand open. One day, continuing to 
ponder the problem with the doors at the Trinity Church, he put some things away 
in a closet and being in a hurry, he threw the door shut. To his amazement, the 
door did not slam. Instead, the door bounced back. He tried this over and over with
 the same result. An idea came to him; he rushed to town and purchased a beer 
pump. With the beer pump, a makeshift arm, and some special brackets he had 
designed, Mr. Norton installed his invention on one of the exterior church doors. 
He opened the door and let it go...CRASH! The door slammed so hard it broke the 
pump into many pieces. 
Mr. Norton spent many months trying to solve the problem; finally, he used the 
principles of the lever, improved the main components, and decided to reposition 
the device on the door. He took his updated version and again installed it on one of 
the troublesome church doors. Rev. Brooks saw Mr. Norton’s new design and to 
his delight, the closer worked perfectly. Mr. Norton had used air pressure to make 
the doors close quietly. The problems with the doors at the Boston Trinity Church 
were now solved.

Today, LCN offers a 
complete line of door control products including heavy-duty hydraulic closers, 
power operators, fire/life safety closer/holders, high security closers & more. 
The model numbers may have changed but the passion, quality, and excitement remain. LCN closers are made with premier materials and are 
tested far beyond the industry requirements.

LCN Closer Series

1000 Series Surface Closers – The 1000 Series LCN Closers are contemporary slim line closer designed for narrow stile storefront doors, but will work for all doors.  All of these closers are a universal closer, so they can be mounted on the left or right, push, pull or top jamb.  They also ship with a Peel and Stick Template.  These are an ideal choice for schools, hospitals, churches, universities, or any high traffic areas.  LCN Closers are the best built, strongest and most reliable door closer made.

4000 Series Surface Closers – The 4000 Series LCN Closers are their most heavy-duty surface mounted units.    They feature a modern design and are usually application specific, meaning the handing and mounting type is required.  There the smoothest, best-engineered closers they have.  They ship with a Peel and Stick template, have the Green Dial power adjustment, and offer a 20-year warranty.  For all of these reasons, they are the closer of choice for schools, hospitals, and all government buildings for interior and exterior doors.

Aluminum Series Surface Closers – The Aluminum series closers are the newest addition to the LCN product line.  Instead of being manufactured of cast iron, these closers are made of cast aluminum.  They still have superior quality, but at a lower price point.  They are a great choice for medium traffic doors, like office buildings or any interior door.

LCN Sentronic Fire Life Safety Closers and Holders – The Sentronic line of closers and holders are designed for the automatic detection and containment of fire and smoke to minimize the loss of life and property.  These closers are wired into your fire alarm system panel.  When the alarm goes off or the power is interrupted, the closers release and close.  This line includes the SE (Single Point Hold-Open), ME (Multi-Point Hold Open) , SED, MEC,  and MED door closers. 

LCN Replacement Door Closer Arms – LCN arms are among the heaviest duty used today.  The arms are drop forged and powder coated to your color.   All of their arms have 320G on them, meaning they are UL Listed for fire rated doors.

LCN SEM Electromagnetic Door Holders – The SEM series are designed for use with manual door closers.   They provide a single point hold open, and are ideal for fire and smoke barrier doors.   We offer them in surface and concealed mountings, they come standard with tri-voltage (12, 24 or 120 volt),  and provide 35 pounds of holding force.

LCN Fusible Link Closers and Arms –  LCN is one of the last closer companies to sell fusible link armed closers.   A fusible link arm is designed to hold open the door until the heat from a fire melts the “Link”, which releases the door.   These are ideal for buildings that do not have fire alarms, or running of the wire is too difficult.

LCN Actuators and Sensors –  LCN offers a full line of actuators and sensors for use with there automatic openers.  They are designed to protect pedestrians and ensure a long life for your auto opener.

LCN part break down  –  One of the best reasons for choosing LCN is the availability of parts.  Call or email for your break down, all we need to know is the Series number.

LCN Door Closer mounting

There are two types of surface closers, application specific and universal. On an application specific closer you need to specify right or left hand, and how the door closer is mounted, push side (parallel arm), pull side (regular arm) and top jamb. All of the 1000 Series are universal except if you have one of the heavy Cush, or EDA arms, then they have to be mounted on the push side (parallel arm). All of the 4000 Series are application specify, except for the 4040XP and 4030 closers.

Push side mounting is also called parallel arm, because the arm is parallel to the door when the door is closed. The LCN 4111 is a parallel mount only. Pull side mounting is also known as regular arm, the closer is mounted on the pull side of the door and the arm sticks straight out when in the closed position. The LCN 4011 can only be mounted regular arm. The last mounting is top jamb, meaning the closer is mounted above the door on the frame. The LCN 4020 can only be mounted top jamb.


In 1949, the factory 
moved to Princeton, Illinois. In 1958, LCN introduced the heavy-duty 4010/4110 
series closer. Schlage Lock Company purchased LCN in 1959. In 1974, Ingersoll-
Rand purchased Schlage Lock Company (and LCN). ‬‬‬‬ In 2012 Ingersoll-Rand changed the name of the Security and Door Control hardware division to Allegion.

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