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Door Closers from International Door Closer

International Door Closer supplies high quality door closers for surface and concealed applications.   They offer door closers in a wide variety of options with many hole spacing’s to fit just about any application.

If you are looking to update, replace or repair your commercial doors with an International door closer, we have the expertise to help you.

Shipping Information for International Door Closers

We carry most International Door Closers in stock which ship within 24 hours.  Special sizes, finishes and some International door closer parts are factory orders and may take up to 5 weeks.

International Door Closer Models

International 850 and 880 Series – The 850 and 880 series are a fixed spring closer, meaning you cannot adjust the spring tension.  The 850 International door closers have closing and latching speed controls.  The difference between the two International door closer models is the 880 series also has back check, which slows the door down when opening if it gets caught in a wind gust. These are narrow stile door closers, designed for aluminum framed glass store front doors.  This series supersedes the 650 and 680 series, which were made until about 2005.  With a price point starting at $48.00 each, these International door closers are an ideal replacement closer.

International 1800 Series – The 1800 series is another fixed spring closer.  It is a bit more heavy duty than the 880 series, and offers closing, latching and back check functions.  All of these have the ¾” x 9-1/16” hole spacing, which is very common in the industry today.   The International door closer 1800 series replaced the 750 and 780 series.

International 5000-TP Series – The 5000-TP series is a heavy duty closer with a 10-year warranty.   The hole spacing is ¾” by 12”, which is another common pattern.  This International door closer offers closing and latching speeds, back check and an adjustable spring tension to fit just about any door size and material.   It is considered a narrow stile closer to fit aluminum framed store front doors.   The full dress cover is included along with all of the mounting fasteners.   It is also ADA compliant.

International 750 and 780 Series- The 750 and 780 are discontinued.   If you are tying to match the hole spacing, you can use the 883 or 853 Door Closers.  In the 750 and 780 Series we had spring sizes of 2 to 5.  The only issue you might have is that the 850 and 880 series only have the 3/4" x 8-3/16" hole spacing in the size 3.

International 8000-TP Series – The 8000-TP comes in two versions, the standard and the delayed action version.   Both International door closers offer adjustable closing and latching speed, adjustable spring tension and back check.  However, the delayed action version also has another valve that will hold the door open for 30 seconds to allow people with disabilities to pass through the door before closing. The amount of time on this version is adjustable.  The hole spacing is ¾” by 9-1/16”, which makes it an ideal replacement door closer.  This International door closer also features a dress cover and all of the needed fasteners.

International 9000-TP Series – The 9000-TP International door closer is a heavy-duty closer that has a different hole spacing.  The spacing is ¾” by 11-1/8”, which we have only seen a few models.  This International door closer offers adjustable closing and latching speeds, back check and an adjustable spring tension.

International 200 Series – The 200 series is an overhead-concealed door closer.  This model is a fixed spring closer and has adjustable closing and latching speed valves.  We sell the cylinder and the arms separately.  If you are replacing your current International door closer 200 series, there should be a sticker on the current model that tells you the closer size.  We need to know whether your door swings 90 or 105 degrees and if you have hold open or non-hold open.

International 300 Series – The 300 series is an overhead-concealed door closer, with adjustable spring tension.  By having adjustable spring tension, you can tailor the spring tension to your application.  The closer also features adjustable closing and latching speeds.  If you are looking for something more heavy-duty, with the same features of the International door closer 300, you could use the 500 series.  We need know whether your door swings 90 or 105 degrees and if you have hold open or non-hold open.

International 500 Series – The 500 series is the most heavy-duty concealed door closer sold by International.  The closer features adjustable spring tension, closing and latching speeds.  This International door closer also meets ADA Handicap specifications.  We need know whether your door swings 90 or 105 degrees and if you have hold open or non-hold open.

International Door Closer Replacement Parts – We keep most of the arms, brackets and tracks in stock for immediate shipment.

History of International Door Closers

International Door Closers Inc. has been a leading source for aluminum and glass storefront door closers and other hardware since 1968.  International Door Closers Inc. has offices and distribution facilities in Anaheim, CA, and Nashville, TN.  At this time, International Door Closers Inc. has divided its business into two sections: Aluminum and Glass Storefront, and Builders / Contract Hardware.

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