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Do you need LCN drop plates for your current door project? We have an entire selection of plates that can be ordered online including the 18 LCN 4040XP Drop Plate For Pull Side Mounting, the 18PA LCN 4040XP Drop Plate For Parallel Arm Mounting and the 18TJ For Top Jamb Mounting.

The exit doors to your building should have the best parts to ensure durability and protection. LCN has been manufacturing some of the best door parts and accessories since 1926 which is why we offer a full line of commercial LCN drop plates that you can order online here at RBADoor.com. 

An LCN drop plate is an ideal solution when the frame of a door or the stile around a door is too narrow. By mounting your door closer on this piece of equipment, you open up the option to install a more heavy-duty closer. 

RBA Door has been supplying the best commercial door parts that are offered on the market ever since our beginnings in 1970. Our top quality product list is not limited to the 18 LCN 4040XP Drop Plate, the 18PA LCN 4040XP Drop Plate and the 18TJ. See what else we have in store for you, aside from LCN 4040XP Drop Plates and similar items, by browsing our site.

Shop For LCN Drop Plates Online

We carry three plate styles which include a few that are LCN 4040XP drop plates. Make sure that you examine the information we have provided below in order to develop a decent understanding of the products that we carry.

18 LCN 4040XP Drop Plate

The 18 LCN 4040XP Drop Plate For Pull Side Mounting should be installed to the hinge or pull side of a door. This plate will make it so that a closer can be properly installed on narrow stile doors.

The pull side mount 18 LCN 4040XP Drop Plate can be used with the following parts series: 4040XP-18, 4040-18, 1460-18, 4010-18 and 1260-18. You can select a dark bronze or aluminum finish for the 18 LCN 4040XP Drop Plate For Pull Side Mounting.

LCN 4040 18PA Drop Plate

The 18PA For Parallel Arm Mounting is also commonly referred to as the 18PA LCN 4040XP Drop Plate or the LCN 4040 18PA Drop Plate. It can be installed on glass doors in order to lower the mounting holes. Select either a dark bronze or aluminum finish.

Plus, this item can be used with the 4040XP-18PA, the 4040-18PA, the 1260-18PA, the 1460-18PA and the 4110-18PA parts series. Before checking out your 18PA, select the series you prefer from the Series # dropdown menu on the product page.

18TJ LCN Drop Plate

The 18TJ should only be used in circumstances where top jamb mounting is required. You will know to apply the 18TJ if the door you’re working on will be using a closer that is to be installed on a narrow overhead top jamb.

Select aluminum or dark bronze for the finish of your 18TJ. Make a mental note that the 18TJ can be used with the 4040-18TJ, the 4020-18TJ, the 1460-18TJ or the 1260-18TJ parts series.

The plates that we sell online might have up to a one week lead time. You can check on this by heading to the product page and scoping out the Lead Time that we currently have listed. A one week lead time just means that the item, such as an LCN 4040XP Drop Plate, will take a bit longer to ship because it will not be shipping immediately to you from our warehouse.

LCN Drop Plate Inquiries

Direct your LCN 4040XP Drop Plate inquiries and other similar questions to our office phone or email. Our door closer professionals will be pleased to see that you have received the best items possible for the door project that you are taking on. Contact our office in Troy, MI on any weekday and we will be happy to provide you with the guidance you need for your online order. 

We will be available to speak with customers about pricing, shipping and more when they contact us at Sales@RobertBrooke.com or at 1 (800) 642-2403. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our highly skilled door closer professionals so that we can help make shopping with us a simple and comfortable experience.

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  1. LCN 18 Drop Plate for Pull Side Mounting

    LCN Drop Plate for Pull Side Mounting

    Use this LCN Drop Plate when mounting the door closer on the Pull or Hinge Side of the Door. Allows to door closer to me mounted on narrow stile doors.

    LCN Part #'s

    As low as $63.07
  2. LCN 1370 Quick Fix Plate

    The LCN 1370 was a door closer made in the late 1990's to 2006 or so. The closer had a special mounting plate that made installation very quick. Many people have this door closer in use and now they are starting to fail. The LCN 1370-18QF Quick Fix Plate converts the mounting holes of the 1370 to a standard template closer, which is 3/4" x 9-1/16". By using this plate you will not have to redrill holes in your door. The plate measures 2 by 10-1/4 inches with tapped holes that measure 3/4 x 9-1/16 inch. 

    As low as $55.48
  3. LCN 18TJ Drop Plate for Parallel Arm Mounting

    LCN Drop Plate for Top Jamb Mounting

    Use the LCN Top Jamb Mounting Plate for applications where the door closer body is mounted on a narrow overhead jamb.

    LCN Part #'s

    As low as $63.07
  4. LCN 18PA Drop Plate for Parallel Arm Mounting

    LCN Drop Plate for Parallel Arm Mounting

    The 18PA LCN Drop Plates are designed to lower the mounting holes on doors with glass at the top of the door. If your door has a narrow stile at the top of it surrounded by a metal frame, mount the door closer on this plate.

    LCN Part #'s

    As low as $68.88
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