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Cal Royal Door Closers | Cal Royal Closers For Doors

We are Cal Royal door closer distributors located in Troy, Michigan. We sell Cal Royal closers on our website for affordable prices. Get your Cal Royal door closers shipped straight to your door by ordering the product you need from our site today. We ship Cal Royal door closers anywhere in the United States and we will also ship them to your home or office in Canada.

Here at RBA Door, we not only sell several Cal Royal door closers online, but we also sell the accessories that go with these closers and other related hardware. Many of the Cal Royal door closers and related hardware that we carry can be used in buildings that have high traffic volumes. This includes grade schools, colleges, universities, gyms, office buildings, warehouses and convention centers. 

Other Cal Royal door closers we carry come with low-power features for slow door closing which is ideal for individuals with limited mobility. If you are looking for well-made closers that were manufactured by a reputable brand to use in your commercial facility, then Cal Royal door closers could be just what you need.

About Cal Royal Door Closers Company

The Cal Royal door closers company has been manufacturing their high-quality Cal Royal door closers for over three decades now. Cal Royal door closers can be used in many kinds of commercial facilities. Their closers have even been featured in some big-name hotels.

Cal Royal door closers adhere to standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The company has three product warehouses: one in California, one in Florida and one in Texas. 

Our company RBA Door sells a handful of Cal Royal door closers online. Throughout our years in business, we have familiarized ourselves with Cal Royal door closer features. We are happy to be selling these first-rate products on our website to our customers because we know how well they function and we have continuously seen the satisfaction they bring our customers. 

Buy Cal Royal Door Closers Online

Our supply of Cal Royal closers consists of several product line series from the brand. The items that we sell can be found in many types of commercial buildings such as office buildings and shopping centers. Take a look at our selection to find the item you were looking for and/or discover new items you may find practical uses for in the future.

Cal Royal 300 Door Closer Series

We carry the Cal Royal 300 Series Door Closers. The 300 Door Closer Series has two products which differ in spring size. The item with the 3 to 6 spring size should be used on large exterior doors that are 36 inches to 48 inches wide.

The 1 to 4 spring size product in the Cal Royal Door Closer 300 Series, however, should be used on interior doors, but it can also be used on exterior doors that are less than 36 inches wide. As a barrier free door closer, this 300 Series Closer will make it easier to open the door. With the 1 to 4 spring size, you have the option to lower the spring tension to 8 pounds of resistance or less. 

This series meets the meets the Grade 1 ANSI 156.4 Standard. Grade 1 is the highest ANSI rating possible making this a desirable item on the market. You will find that a few of the other Cal Royal door closers we carry fall under the Grade 1 rating, as well. 

400 Series

The 400 Series Closers differ in that they meet the Grade 2 ANSI 156.4 Standard. This series consists of sized closers so the spring tension you choose can not be adjusted. Be sure to choose the product with the spring size that you had in mind because you will not be able to adjust it. The closers in this series include the 420-P, the SM430-P, the 440-P and the Cal Royal 430p commercial grade door closer. 

Cal Royal 700 Series Door Closers

The 700 Series Door Closers product line includes a few different products. We carry the 720 also known as Size 2, the 730 also known as Size 3 and the 740 also known as Size 4. These closers meet the Grade 1 ANSI 156.4 Standard, and they have closing and latching speeds that can be adjusted using two separate valves.

800 Series

The 801 and 801S are new closers from the brand. The CR801S will be shipped to you with the slim cover whereas the CR801 will be shipped to you with the full cover. The difference is that the full cover was made to hide both of the spindles unlike the slim cover. Both of these products meet Grade 1 ANSI Standards.

Cal Royal Door Closer 900 Series

The Grade 1 Cal Royal 900 Series Closer stands out as the only one with ¾ inch x 11-⅛ inch hole spacing. The Cal Royal 900 Closer has reduced spring tension making the door easy to open. Other Cal Royal Door Closer 900 Series features include adjustable spring tension, adjustable closing and latching speed valves, and adjustable back check valves.

Cal Royal Door Closer CR441 Series

The CR441 is Grade 1 ANSI Certified and has several important features you will want to be aware of when choosing a closer. The closer has adjustable spring tension, closing and latching speed valves and adjustable back check. This product can replace the LCN 4040. It has several mounting styles including push, pull, left, right, top jamb or parallel arm.

Contact Us About Cal Royal Door Closers

Whether you are in the market for a Cal Royal Door Closer 900 Series product, the hardware for a Cal Royal door closer, or another hydraulic door closer series from that brand, we have exactly what you need. Whether you need it to come equipped with certain features such as standard adjustable back check, allowing for standard top jamb or parallel mounting, or meeting the highest industry ANSI standards, we have the solutions for you right here on our website. 

Our staff is available Monday through Friday to help you with your order if you require assistance. We are here from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on these days. If you find yourself with questions while you are browsing our website on the weekend, please leave us a voicemail or send us an email and we will get back to you the next business day. Call us at 1 (800) 642-2403 to leave a voicemail or email us at briefly describing what you would like assistance with.

At RBA Door, our team has the collective expertise to guide you along in the buying process when ordering Cal Royal door closers through our website. We have been working with door hardware for decades, so we have become greatly familiar with some of the top brands in the industry. We have had the opportunity to witness the remarkable quality of Cal Royal door closers and we have seen these products consistently deliver customer satisfaction when installed.

We want you to receive the perfect Cal Royal door closers for your commercial doors, so we are always happy to answer any questions you have regarding your order, shipping and handling, pricing, or about the Cal Royal door closer itself. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email with your inquiries so that you receive the Cal Royal door closers that are right for your doors. 

Our goal is that you receive the most suitable and reasonably priced Cal Royal door closers and other hardware the first time you order from us so that you can experience an efficient purchasing and installation process. Contact us today so that you can get started on your journey to improving the doors in your commercial facility with top-rated Cal Royal door closers.