About RBA Door

50 years of service in the industryRBA Door is a distributor of door hardware and door accessories that were manufactured by top name brands in the door industry. The door hardware that you install in public facilities must act in accordance with national safety standards. We carry door hardware and door accessories that adhere to these specifications.

Some of the door products that you will find in our inventory include (but are not limited to) door trim, panic hardware, door stops and door closers. We aim to keep our customers satisfied with the high-quality door products that we distribute at a great price. 

Back in 1970 when Robert Brooke And Associates was founded, the company only sold replacement locker hardware. Over the years, RBA flourished and we began selling different kinds of products apart from locker parts.  We had success in expanding our company into six product distributing websites of specific categories, with RBA Door being one of the six.

RBA Door serves schools, gyms, office buildings and other organizations by providing them with grade A door hardware from respectable brands. Our dedicated team works hard to keep our door hardware inventory up to date in order to immediately accommodate our customers with the door products they require. 

RBA Door Location Details

RBA Door operations are held at our office in the Detroit suburb of Troy, MI. Our warehouse that holds all of our stock is 8,500 square-feet which is ample space to hold the door products that we carry. We strive to get our customers their door products as soon as possible, so having plenty of inventory on hand is important to us. We can ship the door hardware and door accessories that you order from us within the United States and Canada, plus internationally.

If you would like to know more about ordering and returning items from RBA Door, refer to our policies for more information. Understanding our ordering, shipping and return policies can help guide you along for an obstacle-free ordering experience.

Contact Us At RBA Door

Please call us with your door accessories and door hardware questions at 1-800-642-2403. An experienced RBA Door sales rep is ready to accurately respond to each one of your RBA Door questions. 

We want to properly fulfill your order of RBA Door parts so that no returns will be necessary. We hope to save you time by helping you decide on the right door product for you the first time you place your order. Contact us with any RBA Door inquiries during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.