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LCN Door Closer Arms

We have a full range of LCN products including door closers and arms that you can order online from our site. LCN door closer arms are manufactured to stand the test of time by a company that has been providing quality parts and supplies since 1926. 

At RBA Door, we offer LCN closer arms in many sizes and configurations so that we can be sure to fit our customers’ needs. LCN closer arms are specific to the door closer model. Each arm is machined to specifications of the closer spindle, and each door closer has a different size and shape of spindle. That being said, a 1460 arm will not work on a 4040XP closer.  

The below diagram shows the different spindle shapes for the 1000 Series Closers (1260 and 1460), 4010, 4020 and 4110 and 4040/4040XP. The model numbers are usually under the cover, on a sticker, on the cylinder. 

If you are not sure of your model number or spindle type, take a picture of the product with the cover off and email it to us at We will gladly assist you as soon as we are available.

LCN 1000 Series Arm
1000 Series Arms-Star
LCN 4010 4020 4110 Fitting
LCN 4010 / 4020 / 4110-Oval
LCN 4040 and 4040XP Arm
LCN 4040 and 4040XP-Hex

Shop Our LCN Closer Arms

The LCN Regular Arm 3077 ships with many of the LCN door closers. This arm will work with the 1260, 1460, 4010, 4020 and 4040 closers. Choose the applicable Series # from the dropdown menu on the product page when you order.

We also have the LCN CUSH-n-Stop Arm 3077CNS, the LCN EDA Arm 3077EDA (Extra Duty) and the optional Spring LCN CUSH Arm 3077SC. The LCN 4041 EDA Extra Duty Arm Door Closer product can also be an optional arm to use on a few LCN closers, but it is also the one that is usually shipped out with the 4110 Series closers.

The LCN CUSH arms are built with a stop mechanism that keeps the door from being opened past your chosen degree. With these arms, you will need to set a templated stop point. They should be mounted as a parallel arm on the push side of a door. Other LCN CUSH Arms that we carry include the CUSH-n-Stop Hold Open Arm 3049CNS and the Spring CUSH Hold Open Arm 3049SC

We carry a number of arms that were made to be used specifically with Sentronic closers. This includes the 4040SE-3077T Arm, the 4010SE-3077T Arm, the 4110SE-3077T Arm, the 4310ME-3077SF Arm and the 4410ME Arm. Each of these Sentronic closer arms can come in either dark bronze or aluminum coloring.

Another LCN arm that we have is the Hold Open Arm 3049 which can be used on several LCN door closers. This arm will lock when it has reached the open degree that you have pre-selected. It should not be installed to interior fire rated doors.

The Fusible Link Arm is similar in that it will lock when it meets the preset open degree. This LCN closer arm, however, can be used on fire rated doors.

The last LCN closer arm on our list is the 4820 Auto-Equalizer Regular Arm. This item will be shipped to you with all the necessary parts including the screws, rod, shoe, arm and forearm. Select your preferred color before heading to Checkout, either aluminum or dark bronze.

LCN Head And Tubes

Our selection of LCN closer arms includes two styles of head and tube. The first is the Hold Open Head And Tube 3048 - 3048L which has two sizes, 5 ¾ inches or 8 ⅝ inches. The second is the LCN Head and Tube 78H and 78HL which has the same sizing options.

Parts For LCN Closer Arms

Don’t forget to take a peek at our LCN closer arm parts. We have screws, covers, fusible links, shoes, rods, rollers and more.

One of the LCN shoes we carry is the 62PA Parallel Arm Shoe. You can use this LCN shoe with certain door closers that are parallel arm mounted. It is made from steel material and will be powder coated to the color of your choosing.

Arm shoes also sometimes come in a rod and shoe set. The 79 Rod And Shoe, for example, fits LCN regular arms. This part has a few sizing options that you can take your pick from. 

We also carry some rods separately such as the Sentronic Door Closer Rod 82. This rod was built to fit several styles of LCN Sentronic door closers. It comes in two colors that you can decide between, either dark bronze or aluminum.

Make sure to browse the rest of the parts for LCN arms that we sell online. We have many of these items in stock inside of our warehouse ready to be shipped to your location. 

Learn More About LCN Closer Arms

We carry many variations of LCN closer arms, so we understand that you might have questions while you are browsing. Whether you are in the market for a heavy-duty closer arm, an LCN UL listed door closer arm 320g, an LCN brand CUSH arm, an arm for an LCN parallel arm closer or the LCN 4041 EDA Extra Duty Arm Door Closer product, we can answer your questions pertaining to these items.

Please feel free to contact us by calling our phone or sending us an email. Our team of dedicated professionals want to help make this an easy and successful purchase endeavor for you. We are always more than happy to answer your LCN closer arm inquiries.

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