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LCN Door Closer Fusible Links

Shop online to get your LCN fusible links, closers and arms shipped to your door. We have plenty of these items available to be conveniently purchased from our online store today. 

About LCN Fusible Links

LCN is a door closer and accessories manufacturer that has been delivering quality products since 1926. We offer a full range of products from the LCN fusible link line here at The closers in this line can be used on fire rated doors.   

Before purchasing an LCN fusible link or door closer from us, you will want to know a little about the product itself. The LCN fusible link is designed to melt when it reaches a temperature of 135 degrees. When the link melts, it releases the hold open mechanism and the door closes to contain the heat source.  

The fusible link door closers were used from the 1940's to now, but have seen their usage declining due to the modern fire alarm systems that are wired into door closers. At this point, LCN is one of the only companies still making this type of door closer. 

Since 1970, our company Robert Brooke & Associates has prided itself on offering the best in door closers plus all associated parts and accessories. We continue to sell high-quality, well-built products such as LCN fusible links, closers and arms at

Shop Our Supply Of LCN Fusible Links 

We carry the LCN Fusible Link 165 Degrees which will release the hold open mechanism on the door closer when it melts at a 165 degree temperature. This link is a half inch wide and 1-⅜ inches long. See the product photo we have provided for the LCN fusible link in order to get a visual of the part.

The LCN fusible link closers that can be used with this item are the 4010-FL, 4110-FL and the 4020-FL. The next section describes these LCN fusible link closers in more detail.

LCN Fusible Link Closers

The first on our list of LCN fusible link closers is the LCN Door Closer 4010 FL. With this closer, you can select the color and hand you prefer. You can choose aluminum or dark bronze for the color in left or right handed styles.

The 4010 FL Closer should be mounted on the hinge side of a door that is either right or left handed. These closers are shipped out to our customers with a few parts including the link arm, screws and the standard plastic cover. 

The LCN fusible link arm that is included with the 4010 FL Closer has a link that will melt at 120 degrees. This will close the door, but note that the door can still be closed manually when necessary.

The second on our list of LCN fusible link closers is the LCN Door Closer 4020 FL. The 4020 FL Closer has the same color and hand options as the 4010 FL and will be shipped with the same parts. The main difference is that the 4020 FL should be top jamb mounted on the push side of a door.

The third on our list of LCN fusible link closers is the LCN Door Closer 4110 FL. In order to be installed properly, this heavy-duty closer should be parallel arm mounted on the push side of a door.

LCN Fusible Link Arms

Another item we carry is the LCN Fusible Link Arm 3049 FL. This LCN fusible link arm will work on the 4010 FL, 4020 FL and 4110 FL LCN series closers. When ordering this item from our web store, you will want to select the series number of the specific closer you have from the Series # dropdown menu.

The other dropdown menus for this LCN fusible link arm that you will need to consider are Color and Hand. Coloring can be dark bronze or aluminum and the arm can be used on left or right handed closers.

The LCN Fusible Link Arm 3049 FL is equipped with an adjustable nut which will trigger the arm to lock when it reaches a position that has been pre-selected by the user. The link on the arm will keep the door open until it reaches a high temperature that melts causing the door to shut. These arms are good to use on fire rated doors in order to keep a fire from spreading.

Get In Touch About LCN Fusible Links

Please feel free to get in touch with our staff so that we can help you with your online orders. We are available throughout the week to assist you with product questions and order inquiries. 

Our friendly and welcoming team members are always ready to hear your inquiries and/or concerns because we want your shopping experience to go as smoothly as you had hoped it would. Contact our office at or by calling our phone at (800) 642-2403 and we will answer your pertinent questions.

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