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Door Closers from Norton Door Controls

We offer Norton door closers in a wide variety of styles and price points for just about every door in the industry today. Norton door closers are available for standard, narrow stile aluminum, handicap, fire, regular arm, parallel arm and top jamb mounted doors. You can also choose from plated and powder coated finishes for your Norton door closer.  

All Norton door closers meet or exceed all Federal and State compliance codes, are UL Listed, and are all Grade 1 or 3 rated. If you are looking to update, replace or repair your commercial door with a new Norton door closer or new parts, we can help you find the exact products you require.

Shipping Norton Door Closers

Norton door closers are regularly stocked in our warehouse. Any Norton door closers on our website with an In Stock Lead Time will ship within 24 hours from our warehouse in Troy, Michigan. 

Series Options For Norton Door Closers

Norton 1600 Series Door Closer The 1600 Series, previously referred to as the Norton 1601 Door Closer, is one of the most popular closers manufactured in the world today. Back in the late 1960’s with the advent of the aluminum framed glass storefront door, these Norton door closers were in the right place at the right time. 

The 1600 Norton Door Closer features a narrow footprint for mounting on these smaller frames, which were not available during that time period. This led to a large demand and is the reason that the ¾” x 9-3/16” hole spacing is standard today.  

The Norton 1601 Door Closer, now known as the Norton Door Closer 1600 Series, has evolved and is now available in a non-sized and barrier free version. The cylinder on this product is a cast aluminum alloy and has at least 4 adjustment valves for closing, latching, back check and power adjustments. The 1600 is considered a Grade 1 closer, which is the highest ANSI rating that you can receive.

Norton Door Closer 8000 Series – The 8000 Series is another narrow stile product that is designed for aluminum framed glass doors. It has the ¾” hole spacing on the vertical, but is 12” in the center on the horizontal.  

This series includes the Norton Door Closer 8301 and the Norton 8501 Door Closer, which have the same cylinder but a different cover. The cover on the 8301 is considered a slim line cover due to the exposed spindles (arm attachment point). The 8501 has a full cover.  

Up until about 2008 these Norton door closers had to be ordered standard or barrier free. Now they have the ability to be standard or barrier free on the same cylinder. Barrier Free is the designation for handicap rated closers, meaning you can turn the spring tension down to less than 5 pounds of resistance.  

The 8000 Series features a cast aluminum alloy cylinder with 4 adjustments, one for closing, latching, back check and power. It is Grade 1 ANSI rated equipment.

Norton 7500 Door Closer Series This Norton door closer goes by the nickname Apollo. When it first came out, it was heavy duty but also application specific. The hand, door size, interior or exterior, and the way the closer was going to be mounted had to be specified.  

In the mid 1970’s, they came out with the Norton 7500 Door Closer that was non-sized, non-handed and could be mounted in any of the three main positions. The Norton 7500 Series Door Closer is one of the most heavy-duty closers made and meets all of the UL, ADA and ANSI regulations. It is also rated as a Grade 1 closer.

Norton Power Track Series – The Power Track Series is for use on fire doors and usually has some variation of the number 7705TPO. You have to specify the voltage, finish and type of mounting on these Norton door closers.

These will hold the door open until the current is interrupted, either by the fire alarm panel or by smoke detected by the built-in sensor on the PTDO. The PTDO is an ideal closer to use to meet code if you do not have a fire alarm panel. They used to make an 8000 series but have discontinued this unit.  

Norton 78-B/F Series The 78 Series is designed to have the old “Pot Belly” or “Traditional” look to match the closers that we saw in the 1930s up until about 1960. The closer is now an aluminum alloy casting instead of the original cast iron. These closers are very expensive and should only be used when you are trying to match the older look or meet historical codes.

Norton 9300BC Series The 9300 is Norton Door Controls’ economy closer. It has a fixed spring, so the tension cannot be adjusted, but it does have adjustable closing and latching speeds. This is also a Grade 3 rated item, which is not recommended for high traffic areas.

Norton Door Closer Hardware – We carry replacement parts including regular, parallel and top jamb Norton door closer arms, along with the individual components. We also have a large inventory of replacement springs for the newer and older style traditional Norton door closers.

Other Norton door closer parts in our inventory include brackets, arm shoes, hold open loop assemblies, and power tracks that are sold separately from the closer. It is very common for customers to not have a full understanding of what parts are needed to make the necessary repairs. If this is the case, then you are always welcome to contact us to receive the answers you are looking for.

Norton Door Controls Company Background

Norton Door Controls was founded by Lewis C. Norton in 1880 and it started off being called the Norton Door Check Company. This is when they began manufacturing and selling some of the very first commercial closers on the market. The older design of Norton door closers made them large and impractical by today’s standards, but back then they worked well and were able to control the sweep speed.

Throughout the years, Norton Door Controls has been owned by various brands such as Eaton, Scovill, and currently ASSA ABLOY. As time progressed, the manufacturer came up with innovations such as aluminum alloy cylinders, back check, narrow stile, non-handed, and special application Norton door closers.

Contact Norton Door Closer Experts

Please contact one of our representatives if you stumble upon any important questions about Norton door closers. It is our mission to put in maximum effort every day in order to see our customers completely satisfied with their Norton door closer orders. Call or email us as soon as you come across something you don’t understand and we will quickly get you the answers you require.

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