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We are Global door closer distributors and we also sell related hardware. We have been in the door hardware industry for over 40 years and we sell some of the best door hardware on the market today. 

Feel free to shop our store and order the door hardware that you need. We will ship the Global door closers that you select to your place of business or to your home in the United States or Canada.

Global Door Controls Commercial Door Closer

Global Door Controls is the manufacturer that makes the Global door closers and closer hardware that we sell on our online store. The door hardware that they make is not limited to Global door closers. The company also makes a number of other products for both homes and businesses.

The Global door closers that they produce can be used on commercial doors that are made from either wood or hollow metal. The strong, high-quality hardware is built to stand against damage and wear. Plus, some of the Global door closers we sell here at are Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA Certified.

The manufacturer is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. At RBA Door, our office and warehouse is located in Troy, Michigan and we will ship Global door closers anywhere within the United States and also Canada. We are highly satisfied with the success our customers have had using Global door closers, and we are proud to be selling reliable hardware from their brand.

Shop Global Door Closers Online

Browse through our selection of Global door closers to get a good idea of what each product has to offer, then select the one you would like to purchase. After you pick out the style and finish you prefer for each item, click “Add to Cart.” You can then proceed to our Checkout to place your order.

You can read more about each one of Global brand’s closers and hardware below. For a more detailed summary of each item, please follow the link provided for each product page.

TC200 Global Door Closers Series

We carry the TC201 Global Door Closer from the 200 Series. The TC201 Global Door Closer can be installed on storefront doors that are made from wood, aluminum or hollow metal. This is one example of a Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA Certified Global door closer.

The TC201 has a size range of 2 through 5 for adjustable spring power. This is ideal for buildings where the door closing force rates need to be high.

We also offer the TC201ADA Global Door Closer which complies with The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) or handicap codes. The TC201ADA Global Door Closer has sizes 1 through 4 for adjustable power. The TC201ADA should be applied to either interior doors that need less than 5 lbs. of or exterior doors that need less than 8.5 lbs of opening force.

These are non-handed Global door closers with a body that’s constructed of aluminum alloy. They come equipped with two adjustable valves for latch closing and sweep. The backcheck valve is optional.

The two finish options for the TC201 and TC201ADA Global Door Closers are aluminum and duronotic. You’ll want to choose the finish that will make it look the most aesthetically pleasing with the door that it’s being applied to.

TC7700 Global Door Closers Series

The TC7700 Global Door Closer, also known as “Stout,” is an overhead concealed door closer that has been discontinued.  This model was a replacement for the Kawneer Husky model. When installed, this version had the ability to prevent the door from accidentally slamming shut with its special closing control.

The TC7700 offered a swing feature in hold open 90 degrees, hold open 105 degrees and non-hold open 105 degrees, as well as a choice of light, medium, or heavy-duty spring tension.

The arms, track and pivot for the TC7700 Global Door Closer can still be ordered separately. This includes the Husky Bottom Pivot Set (TH1119-BCP) and the Stout Offset Arm and Track.

TC4361 Global Door Closer

Another product from the Global line that we carry is the TC4361. This heavy-duty item was built to be used in settings with heavy traffic and where there will be high door usage rates. 

The TC4361 is Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA Certified and is also compliant with ADA requirements. It is non-handed and it comes in either a duronotic or aluminum finish which will mostly depend on the color that you like more.

Shop Global Door Closer Parts Online

We carry a few pieces of hardware that may be useful when installing your Global door closers. The parts we carry go with the TC7700 model. 

Parts for the TC7700 model include Global door closer arms and a pivot set. We carry two kinds of Global door closer arms, the Stout Offset Arm and Track, and the Husky Center Hung KTA Arm.

Ask Us About Global Door Closers

Do you have any questions relating to your Global door closers order? Common questions about Global door closers include inquiries involving pricing, shipping and specific product features. If you are unclear about something in one of these areas, please contact us so that we can help clear things up for you. 

Call our Troy office at 1 (800) 642-2403 and one of our door hardware professionals will be with you as soon as possible. You also have the option to email us at and relay to us your inquiries that way.

We are here Monday through Friday and we can help make shopping for Global door closers on our website a smooth and simple process for you. Our experienced door hardware associates will be available to speak with you about your order during these days from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening. 

If you come up with questions while browsing our website on the weekend, please feel free to leave us a voicemail or an email containing your inquiries. We will get back to you to give you the answers you seek as soon as we are back at our office on the nearest business day. We aim to continuously provide well-made, dependable hardware and a productive troubleshooting help line when our customers require assistance with their online purchases.

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  1. Global Door Controls TC201 Door Closer

    The Global Door Closer TC200 is recommended for use on all aluminum store front doors, wood or hollow metal commercial applications. It is a versatile utility closer that provides narrow styling and has a full selection of accessories to accomodate the requirement of any field installation.

    In this series, our Global Door Closer TC201 is a multi-size spring model that offers adjustable power with a choice of range sizes 2-5 where high rates of closing force are required. Our TC201ADA model also offers adjustable spring power sizes 1-4 for use on interior doors requireing less than 5 lbs. of opening force and exterior doors requiring less than 8.5 lbs. This complies with ADA handicap codes and ANSI/BHMA standard requirements. Both models will retrofit most full size closers with a 9 1/16" industry standard hole patten to update any opening for code compliance.
    Hole Spacing is 3/4" x 9-1/16"

    Options: Specify when ordering:

    • Finish - AL, DU
    • Size 1-4 or 3-6
    As low as $94.19
  2. Global DoorTC4361 Door Closer

    The Global Door Closer TC4361 is recommended for use on heavy duty commercial, architectrual and institutional applications. It is ideal for business, new construction and renovations. It has a full selection of accessories to accomodate the requirements of any field installation. It is tri-packed standard and comes with all fasteners, brackets and soffit plates for versatility. Closers with non-hold open arms are UL listed for "A" label fire doors. Fully compliant with opening force requirements for ADA and ANSI/BHMA standards.

    Options: Specify when Ordering

    • Finish - AL, DU

    The hole spacing is 1" by 7-1/2"

    As low as $156.78
  3. Global Door Controls Stout Offset Arm and Track

    Global Door Controls Stout Offset Arm and Track

    This is the Door Closer arm for our Global Door Controls Stout Closer. The Stout Closer is a replacement for the older Husky Door Closers. The track measures 12-1/2" long by 1-7/16" wide by 3/8" thickness. The arms measures 13" long and features a 1-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 5/16" thick.

    Global Door Controls part # S2

  4. Global Husky Bottom Pivot Set | Global TH1119-BCP

    Global Stout Door Closer Bottom Pivot Set

    The bottom pivot set is shipped with all the mounting screws and fasteners.

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