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The Norton Door Closer 1601 has been around for the past 40 years.  With the advent of aluminum framed glass doors, Norton was on for the first manufactures to come up with a narrow stile door closer.  Because of this, it is still one of the most popular door closer model out there. 
The Norton Door Closer Regular Arm is the standard arm that is shipped with the 9300, 1600, 8301, 8501 and 7500 door closers.  It will also work with the Yale 2300, 50, 3301, 3501 and 4400 series door closers.  This arm has had a bunch of different factory numbers over the years,
The Norton / Yale Door Closer 7701-3 Hold Open Arm is the standard hold open arm shipped with Norton and Yale Door Closers.   It is known as a Friction Hold Open, because as the arm rotates it tightens down two plates together.   Adjusting the large hex bolt on the Hold Open
The Sargent 281 Door Closer is also known as the Powerglide, This closers meets ADA requirements, meets the Buy American Act, and is certified Grade 1, the heaviest rating possible.  The closer has the capability to be mounted on the push, pull or top jamb, and is non handed.  This closer
The Yale Door Closer 3301 is constructed of a cast aluminum alloy.  It is considered a Grade 1 Closer, which is the highest grade possible.  The closer features an adjustable spring tension, and separate closing, latching and back check intensity valves.  The slim line plastic cover
The International Door Closer 8051-TP Series is an ideal replacement closer for just about any Store Front Door. We recommend this closer because it will fit any size door, and you can adjust the spring tension to make it easier for the elderly, smaller children and the handicapped. The 8051 will
The LCN 4040SE Sentronic Door Closer is a heavy duty, non-handed, non-sized closer/holder designed to provide single point hold-open for fire and smoke barrier doors. The door is held open until current interruption releases the holding mechanism and the door closes. Single lever (track) arm closer
The LCN Door Closer 4040SE Track Assy 4040SE-3038 replaces all Sentronic tracks for the 3130SE, 4010SE, 4110SE and 4040SE Closers. Track includes the roller, 4040SE-3034 and new mounting screws. The replacement track measures 21-3/4" on center for the mounting screws, which may be different then
12" Kickdown Door Holder Grand Standard Frequently we are asked, “What is the heaviest duty kick down holder  you sell?”  The answer to that question is any of  Grand Specialty door holders.  These door stops are American made and simply the best out
The design of the Doromatic 1690 is ideal for demanding, high-traffic applications. The vertical rods and latch mechanisms are concealed in the vertical door stile, ensuring trouble-free operation. Cast metal cover plates and end caps hold up to rigorous use. A quick, singlepoint dogging feature in
The Doromatic 1990 Panic Device has a long history of reliable performance.  Although it is now called the Falcon 1990, they are the same device.  This device is non handed, meaning it can go on left hand or right hand door.  The standard included 41" crossbar will work on doors up
The Sargent Lever Return Spring 97-0425 is usually a green color, however we have seen them in blue and red.  The red spring has the same dimensions as the green, but the loop on the coil side of the spring was closed.  Sargent is using this spring as a replacement for all of those

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