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Monarch Exit Devices And Monarch Panic Hardware

Monarch exit devices and panic hardware have been circulating commercial businesses for the past 100 years. The exit devices Monarch makes can be used on single or double doors, depending on the device. Monarch exit device styles include rim, surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod and mortise. 

All Monarch exit devices are a Grade 1, which is the highest rank in the rating system. Note: We usually find 904H List Door Hardware on all of the Monarch Falcon Devices.

Monarch is one of the trusted brands that we recommend installing on your commercial doors if you haven’t already. If Monarch panic hardware is already installed, keep an eye out for any repairs you may have to make over time. You can order replacement Monarch panic device parts from us, too.

Shipping Information for Monarch Panic Devices

Most Monarch panic devices ship within 1 week of your placed order. Custom sizes of Monarch exit devices plus some finishes and some Monarch exit device parts are factory orders and may take up to 2 weeks.

Monarch Panic Devices Models

Monarch 17 Series – The 17 Series Monarch exit devices were made from the 1970’s until about 2006. These were their narrow stile devices, designed specifically for doors with narrow frames or where designers wanted a small footprint. 

If you currently have 17 Series Monarch exit devices in disrepair, the replacement for these would be the Falcon 24 Series. The mounting holes will not line up, so you will need to start from scratch. Currently we have very few of the replacement parts for this device.

Monarch 18 Series – The 18 Series Monarch exit devices were also made from the 1970’s until 2006. These Monarch panic devices were one of their more popular devices and we still get many phone calls on them. These came in rim, surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod, and mortise versions.  

Most replacement parts for the Monarch 18 Series are no longer available, but some of the components are still used on the other current models, so we may be able to help. One of the most popular parts is the replacement springs for the lever trim handles. We still are able to get these for your 18 Series Monarch exit devices.

Monarch/Falcon 19 Series – The 19 Series Monarch exit devices have been made since the 1970’s with very little change. These are in the Monarch economy line and have a powder coat painted finish, whereas the rest of the Monarch panic devices line is plated finish. They offer rim and surface vertical rod versions of this device in powder coated aluminum or powder coated dark brown colors. These devices are ideal when you need heavy-duty inexpensive hardware.

Falcon 24 Series – The 24 Series Monarch exit devices are very similar to the 25 Series, but are specifically designed for narrow stile doors. These usually only require 3-1/2” stile widths. They are offered in rim, surface vertical rod and concealed vertical rod versions, with 10 different finish options. An added bonus is the availability of replacement parts for the Falcon 24 Series. Most devices at this price point have little or no parts available.

Falcon 25 Series – The 25 Series is now the workhorse for Falcon. With a lower price point and very heavy-duty construction, this is an ideal exit device. These come in rim, surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod and mortise versions along with 10 different finish options. An added bonus is the availability of replacement parts. Most devices at this price point have little or no parts available.

Monarch/Falcon XX Series – The XX Series Monarch exit devices were introduced in the 1970’s and were discontinued in June of 2019. The XX Series is their crossbar style offering. These devices were available in rim, surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod and mortise versions and 8 different finish options. Some parts for these particular Monarch exit devices are still available.

Monarch Exit Device Parts

Revisit this page any time you are in need of replacement Monarch exit device parts. It is our hope that we have provided an easy system for ordering Monarch exit device trim and other Monarch exit device parts for when repairs are necessary.

Our supply of Monarch exit device parts includes top latches, latch covers, strikes, spring packages, chassis assemblies and covers, dogging assemblies and covers, end caps, end cap brackets, trim springs, lever arms, crossbar screws, cam springs, axles and more. Of course, you can always let us know if you can’t quite figure out which Monarch exit device parts your commercial door requires. Contact us and provide us with some basic info about the Monarch exit devices you have set up so we can tell you which Monarch exit device parts you will need in order to make some repairs.

Monarch Exit Device Trim

Another important piece of Monarch panic hardware that we carry is Monarch exit device trim. We carry five kinds of Monarch exit device trims and we also have some Monarch exit device trim hardware. Choose the color and style you want before checking out your Monarch exit device trim products.

About The Monarch Exit Devices Brand

Monarch was founded in the 1920’s in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Until the 1990’s, Monarch was a family-owned business. In the 1990’s, it was sold to Newman Tonks PLC, and in 1998 it was sold to Ingersoll-Rand. 

In 2007, Ingersoll-Rand rebranded the Monarch name to Falcon along with Dor-o-matic. In 2012, they moved the Falcon/Monarch line, along with Ives, Von Duprin, LCN, Schlage, and Glynn Johnson to the Allegion product line.

Order your Monarch panic devices today to ensure speedy delivery. Our staff is available during business hours Monday through Friday to give you assistance with your Monarch order if needed.

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