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Door Closers from LCN

We have LCN door closers available to purchase online and ready to use for a wide variety of applications. Whether you have an interior, exterior or fire door, the LCN door closers that we sell online could be the solution for you.

Are you looking to make repairs to or renovate an existing closer, or do you have a new construction project requiring LCN door closers? Here at, our door security professionals are able to help with the selection process whether you are gathering information on size, mounting, pricing or other LCN door closer features.

LCN Door Closers Background

‬‬‬‬LCN was purchased by Ingersoll Rand in the 1970’s. They changed the name of the entire company, with LCN as one of their leading brands, to Allegion in 2012 which is now its own company.

Their line now includes LCN closers with new model numbers. LCN closers are regularly tested to ensure that they meet and exceed industry standards.

LCN Closer Series

1000 Series Surface LCN Closers – The 1000 Series LCN Closers are designed for narrow stile storefront doors, but they will work on all doors. The 1000 Series LCN Closers that we carry include the 1250 LCN Door Closer, the 1260 LCN Door Closer, the 1450 LCN Door Closer, the 1460 LCN Door Closer (AKA the LCN 1461 Door Closer) and more. Most 1000 Series LCN door closers are universal meaning they can be mounted on the left or right, top jamb, push or pull.  

The 1000 Series LCN Door Closers also ship with a Peel and Stick Template. They are an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as universities, hospitals and more.  

4000 Series Surface LCN Closers – The most heavy-duty LCN door closers of the surface mounted options are the 4000 Series LCN Closers. We carry the 4010 LCN Door Closer, the 4020 LCN Door Closer, the LCN 4111 Door Closer (AKA the 4110), the 4030 LCN Door Closer, LCN closers from 4040 XP category (AKA LCN Closers 4041) and several other products from this series.

For the 4000 Series LCN Door Closers, it is required that you select the mounting and handing style you prefer. One of their outstanding features is the Green Dial power adjustment.

The 4000 Series will also be shipped to you with a Peel and Stick template. It will work excellently for interior and exterior doors in government buildings, hospitals and more.

Aluminum Series Surface Closers – The Aluminum Series LCN door closers are the newest addition to their product line. Instead of being manufactured of cast iron, these LCN door closers are made of cast aluminum. 

The Aluminum LCN Closer Series stands out in that it is superior quality but for a lower price. It is a great choice for any interior doors or medium-volume traffic doors in office buildings.

Sentronic Fire Life Safety Closers and Holders Sentronic LCN closers and holders are built to detect fire and smoke and to keep a fire from spreading. There are several styles of Sentronic LCN closers such as the Single Point Hold-Open, the Multi-Point Hold Open and more.

Replacement Arms We also distribute LCN closer arms which are some of the most powerful, extra-strength closers on the market today. When produced, LCN arms go through the drop forging process and then the color of your choice will be powder coated. The 320G that you can find on LCN arms indicates that the items are UL Listed to be mounted on fire rated doors.

SEM Electromagnetic Door Holders The SEM series should be used specifically with manual closers and on fire barrier doors. Features include single point hold open and 12, 24 or 120 voltage. Choose either concealed or surface mounted.

Fusible Link Closers and Arms   LCN is one of the few companies that still manufactures fusible link armed closers. Fusible Link LCN door closers are designed to be used in buildings that do not contain fire alarms.

Actuators and Sensors  We also carry LCN’s line of actuators and sensors that can be installed with their automatic openers. LCN actuators and sensors are designed with protection of pedestrians in mind and will also give your auto opener longevity.

LCN Closer Part Break Down  –  One reason it’s a great idea to purchase an LCN door closer from us is the availability of LCN door closer parts on our website. Call our office in Troy, MI or email us for your break down. All we will need to know is the LCN door closer Series Number.

Mounting LCN Door Closers

Application specific and universal are the two kinds of surface LCN closers. On an application specific closer you need to specify right or left hand, plus how it will be mounted, push side (parallel arm), pull side (regular arm) or top jamb. 

All of the 1000 Series are universal except if you have one of the heavy CUSH or EDA arms; these two have to be mounted on the push side (parallel arm). All of the 4000 Series are application specific except for the LCN 4040XP Closers (AKA LCN 4041 Door Closers) and the 4030 Closers.

Push side mounting is also commonly referred to as parallel arm mounting because the arm is parallel to the door when the door is closed. For example, the LCN 4111 Closer is a parallel mount only. 

Pull side mounting on the other hand is also known as regular arm mounting. This occurs when the closer is mounted on the pull side of the door and the arm sticks straight out when in the closed position. The 4010 is an example of an LCN closer that can only be mounted regular arm. 

The last mounting option is top jamb, meaning the closer is mounted above the door on the frame. The 4020 is an LCN closer that can only be mounted top jamb.

Connect With LCN Closer Distributors

As trusted LCN door closer suppliers, we make it so we always have one of our staff professionals available to assist you Monday through Friday during working hours. You can depend on our reliable team members to provide you with the help that you require when ordering LCN door closers from us.

Whether your door requires an LCN 4041 Door Closer, an LCN 1461 Door Closer, an LCN concealed closer or LCN door closer parts, we have the expertise to help you decide which one of these is needed. Please always feel free to let us know if you would like to find out more about the LCN 4040XP Door Closer, the LCN 1461 Closer or any other LCN door closers that we supply in our warehouse and distribute online.

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