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  1. LCN Sentronic Closer 4040SE

    The LCN 4040SE Sentronic Door Closer is a heavy duty, non-handed, non-sized closer/holder designed to provide single point hold-open for fire and smoke barrier doors. The door is held open until current interruption releases the holding mechanism and the door closes. Single lever (track) arm closer is specifically designed for interior doors. Choice of finishes, track functions, and installation accessories meet virtually all life safety requirements.  The SE stands for Single Point Electronic, with this closer the hold open point can only be one point, so the closer has to be positioned on the door to get the proper hold open point.

    This technology has been around since 1972, but back then you would order the 4110SE or 4010SE.  These were  application specific closers, so you had to specify the hand of the door, door size,  and the type of mounting.  If you do have an older version, the 4040SE will replace it.

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $695.06
  2. Sargent 281 Door Closer

    The Sargent 281 Door Closer is also known as the Powerglide, This closers meets ADA requirements, meets the Buy American Act, and is certified Grade 1, the heaviest rating possible.  The closer has the capability to be mounted on the push, pull or top jamb, and is non handed.  This closer is the replacement for the 1250 and 1251 series closers.  This closer has been the replacement for the 1250 since about 2000.  It is manufactured of an aluminum alloy.

    Replaces the older Sargent 1250 and 1251 door closers, mounting holes will match

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $392.40
  3. LCN 4040XP Rw/PA Door Closer

    The 4040XP Rw/PA is LCN’s most durable and flexible heavy duty surface mounted closer, designed for institutional and other demanding high traffic applications. The LCN 4040XP Rw/PA sets a new standard for reliability, longevity and value with a better design and extraordinary performance testing that goes far beyond industry requirements. They built the 4040XP from the inside out, combining tougher, bolder construction with proven LCN technology. The result is a closer that’s stronger, smarter and delivers remarkable value in a variety of applications.

    The patented green dial on the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA makes spring adjustments fast, easy and foolproof. The all-weather fluid reduces maintenance and ensures consistent performance through every season. High-traffic doors call for heavy-duty closers – closers that won’t let you down no matter how many people go through the door or how hard they kick, push or slam against it, or in the case of public schools the dreaded flying kung-fu kick. And when it comes to heavy-duty closers, no other closer performs like the LCN 4040XP Rw/PA.

    The LCN 4040XP Rw/PA features cast iron construction, forged steel arm, double heat treated steel pinion, non-handed, LCN® “Green Dial” spring force indicator, Peel-n-Stick templates, UL and cUL Listed, 3⁄4″ journal diameter pinion, full compliment bearing, and tested and certified under ANSI standard A156.4, Grade 1.

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $403.54 As low as $300.00
  4. Monarch / Falcon 25-R Series Rim Panic Device | Panic Hardware

    Monarch / Falcon 25-R Series Rim Exit Device

    Robust and aesthetically pleasing, the Falcon 25 Series exit devices provide you a full range of functions and are able to fit narrow and wide stile door types. Falcon is focused on providing you solid products with solid performance at a solid price. The sleek architectural design is perfect for a variety of applications to assure every door opening provides safe egress while also integrating with the overall building design. Combining functionality and design allows you to have confidence that your exit device is built to last and will look great - all at an affordable price.

    Hand: Non-handed.
    Finishes: US3 (605); US4 (606); US10 (612); US26 (625); US26D (626);
    US32 (629); US32D (630); US28 (628), 313AN.
    Strikes: 299 strike standard.
    Latchbolt: Stainless steel, 3⁄4" throw.
    Deadlocking Latchbolt: Standard.
    Dogging Feature: 1⁄2 turn hex dogging standard. No threaded parts to wear out..
    Doors: 1-3⁄4" thick, wood or metal. Specify thickness if other than 1-3⁄4".
    Projection: 2-3⁄4" maximum, 2" dogged.
    Mounting Height: 40-1⁄4" from CL to finished floor.
    Fasteners: All mounting screws are concealed, sheet metal screws and machine
    screws standard.
    ANS I: Certified ANSI A156.3-2001 Grade 1 standards.
    Center Case & Working Parts: Center case is heavy wrought and sintered metal parts.


    Call for pricing on non listed finishes
    2 week lead time

    As low as $652.06
  5. Dor-o-Matic 1690 Panic Device

    The design of the Doromatic 1690 is ideal for demanding, high-traffic applications. The vertical rods and latch mechanisms are concealed in the vertical door stile, ensuring trouble-free operation. Cast metal cover plates and end caps hold up to rigorous use. A quick, singlepoint dogging feature in the housing deactivates the device, permitting unrestricted traffic flow. The Doromatic 1690 may also be used to retrofit a Doromatic 1990 Series crossbar device.

    Replacement parts are also available

    Shipped with all screws and strikes. The 1690NL Cylinder Assembly (169CA) is required if you wish to use a key cylinder on the exterior, SEE RELATED PRODUCTS on the Right.

    Falcon Doromatic Jackson Finishes

    As low as $305.00
  6. Doromatic 1990 Panic Device

    The Doromatic 1990 Panic Device has a long history of reliable performance.  Although it is now called the Falcon 1990, they are the same device.  This device is non handed, meaning it can go on left hand or right hand door.  The standard included 41" crossbar will work on doors up 3'8" wide, and the stardard rods will work on a 7' door.  It is equipped with hardened steel latches and adjustable strike to ensure safety, security and quiet operation.  The package includes all of the mounting screws and strikes.

    Hand: Field reversible, non handed.
    Dogging Feature: Hex dogging standard.
    Cylinder: Rim, key entry (NL) or hold back (HB) available
    (field selectable)
    Sizes: Field adjustable width, 41" crossbar standard fits 3' 8" x 7'
    door, extra length cross bar available.
    Doors: 1-3/4" thick metal doors.
    Projections: 4-3/8" extended, 2-1/2" depressed.
    Stile: 1-3/4" minimum.

    Falcon Doromatic Jackson Finishes

    As low as $332.57 As low as $245.00
  7. Yale Door Closer 3301

    The Yale Door Closer 3301 is constructed of a cast aluminum alloy.  It is considered a Grade 1 Closer, which is the highest grade possible.  The closer features an adjustable spring tension, and separate closing, latching and back check intensity valves.  The slim line plastic cover is standard on this closer.  This door closer replaces the older 3301BF closers. The new version is Barrier Free Complaint.  The hole spacing is 3/4" x 12", the cylinder is sometimes cast 20-3301-1001 on the back of the cast aluminum cylinder.  This closer ships with all of the mounting hardware and parallel arm bracket.

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $273.43
  8. LCN Door Closer 4040SE Track Assy 4040SE-3038

    The LCN Door Closer 4040SE Track Assy 4040SE-3038 replaces all Sentronic tracks for the 3130SE, 4010SE, 4110SE and 4040SE Closers. Track includes the roller, 4040SE-3034 and new mounting screws. The replacement track measures 21-3/4" on center for the mounting screws, which may be different then the 3130SE, 4010SE, 4110SE and older 4040SE Tracks.  The replacement track is the only way we know of to replace the solenoid.  Specify voltage, and color when ordering.

    LCN Part # 4040SE-3038

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $331.18 As low as $240.00
  9. Norton Door Closer 1601

    The Norton Door Closer 1601 has been around for the past 40 years.  With the advent of aluminum framed glass doors, Norton was on for the first manufactures to come up with a narrow stile door closer.  Because of this, it is still one of the most popular door closer model out there.  It is a Grade 1 closer and has adjustable closing, latching, and back check speeds.  The model we ship also has adjustable spring tension to work on a wider range of doors.  The hole spacing is 3/4” x 9-1/16”.

    Older models may be stamped with Scoville or Eaton, which are the companies that used to own Norton.  We sometimes find 20-1624-4001, or 20-1604-4001 stamped on the back of the closer. If your door closer is stamped 20-1603-4001 or 20-1623-4001, you might want to double check the hole spacing. The 20-1603-4001 usually has a hole spacing of 3/4" x 8-3/16", you could use the International Door Closer 853 as a replacement.

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $160.03
  10. Falcon SC71 Door Closer

    The Falcon SC71 Door Closer used to go by the Doromatic SC71. This is a higher quality door closer at a more affordable price. This closer offers adjustable closing, latching and back check speeds, along with adjustable spring tension. It has the ability to be mounted on the push, pull or top jamb and is non handed. This closer is considered a Grade 1 closer, which is the highest grade you can get. The hole spacing is 2-3/8” x 6-3/4”, which is the same hole spacing as the Norton 7500 and Yale 4400 door closers. We ship the SC71 Rw/PA

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $236.91
  11. Norton / Yale Door Closer 7701-3 Hold Open Arm

    The Norton / Yale Door Closer 7701-3 Hold Open Arm is the standard hold open arm shipped with Norton and Yale Door Closers.   It is known as a Friction Hold Open, because as the arm rotates it tightens down two plates together.   Adjusting the large hex bolt on the Hold Open Assembly determines where the arm will hold open.  This part has had a couple of numbers over the years 7701-3, 1620-3 for Norton and 400-3 for Yale.

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $135.26
  12. International Door Closer 8051-TP Series

    The International Door Closer 8051-TP Series is an ideal replacement closer for just about any Store Front Door. We recommend this closer because it will fit any size door, and you can adjust the spring tension to make it easier for the elderly, smaller children and the handicapped. The 8051 will work in interior or exterior doors, and will meet ADA codes.  This door closer will work on a Right or Left Hand Door, Push or Pull side or Top Jamb mounting, it ships with a parallel arm bracket, arm and mounting screws along with a full plastic cover.   We ship the 8051-TP DU or 8051-TP AL depending on the color you choose.  Length of Closer is 9-3/4”, Horizontal Mounting Holes 9-1/16”, Vertical Mounting Holes 3/4”, overall height is 4-21/32” with height of l1-21/32”, and projects  2-29/32” from the door face.    The 4 adjustment valves are Closing and Latching Speed, Power and Back Check.

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $107.15 As low as $65.00
  13. Norton Door Closer Regular Arm

    The Norton Door Closer Regular Arm is the standard arm that is shipped with the 9300, 1600, 8301, 8501 and 7500 door closers.  It will also work with the Yale 2300, 50, 3301, 3501 and 4400 series door closers.  This arm has had a bunch of different factory numbers over the years, including 1620-1, 7701-1 and 400-1.

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    As low as $90.45
  14. 12" Kickdown Door Holder Grand Standard

    12" Kickdown Door Holder Grand Standard

    Frequently we are asked, “What is the heaviest duty kick down holder  you sell?”  The answer to that question is any of  Grand Specialty door holders.  These door stops are American made and simply the best out there.   They have a shoe that is held in place by a screw, a rivet instead of a roll pin for the hinging mechanism, and a “wedge” instead of a piece of spring steel to hold up the leg.  They are constructed of steel, and not cast like all of the other door holders made.

    • No roll pin at pivot point
    • Mallable with a pair of pliers
    • Rubber shoe held on by a screw
    • American Made
    • Zinc plated steel

     The bottom mounting screws holes would be 11-3/8" to the Floor when mounted.

     Made by Grand Specialties 612z

  15. Sargent Lever Return Spring 97-0425

    The Sargent Lever Return Spring 97-0425 is usually a green color, however we have seen them in blue and red.  The red spring has the same dimensions as the green, but the loop on the coil side of the spring was closed.  Sargent is using this spring as a replacement for all of those springs.  If you have a Sargent Panic Hardware, and the lever is sagging, or just hanging, this is most likely the problem.  The spring measures 2-1/8" long  by roughly 3/8" diameter.

    Sargent part # 97-0425

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