Foot Door Pulls Used To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

Do you want to help stop the spread of Covid-19 by supplying your building with door handles, foot door pulls and other products that can prevent the spread of germs? At RBA Door, we have several options for you that can help in preventing germs from circulating in your building, whether you manage a school, a fitness center, or another type of establishment that many individuals use on a daily basis.

Our germ blocking products include foot door pulls, hands free door pulls and clear protective shields. These products can easily be installed in the building that you work in in order to help prevent the continued passing around of germs from Covid-19 and other deadly viruses.

Regulars and new visitors can feel more at ease when they see that there are foot door pulls, hands free door handles and clear germ shields installed in the building. They will feel more confident knowing that they are less likely to be infected when they use a foot door pull instead of opening the door with their hands.

We have several styles of foot door pulls and other similar hands free products to choose from. Take a look at our wide selection of foot door pulls and be on your way to creating a virus free environment for your building visitors.

Foot Door Pulls

Imagine never having to use your hands to open doors in public buildings, but instead using your foot. By opening the door with your foot using a foot door pull, you won’t have to worry about Covid-19 and other germs getting on your hands.

One of the hands free foot door pull products that we carry is called the Door Foot Pull. This foot door pull is actually even more specifically a restroom door foot pull. When this foot door pull has been installed in public restrooms, individuals can allow their hands to remain clean by using their foot to open the door.

You can find this popular foot door pull in establishments across the U.S. and even overseas such as public schools, various hospitals, family restaurants, office complexes and more. The foot door pull is 8 inches long, 7 inches tall and projects 3-⅜ inches. It is constructed of die cast aluminum.

Another foot door pull that we sell is the Hands-Free / Foot Door Pull BM46. This particular foot door pull can be mounted at the bottom of the door and used as a foot door pull, or it can be installed as an ADA compliant pull when it’s mounted 42 inches above the floor.

This 4 inch by 5 inch foot door pull will ship with bolts and screws that work on 1-¾ inch door. Choose from dark bronze, black and brushed stainless steel.

Another option we provide for a germ free experience is the Door Step N Pull. This 5 inch by 4 inch foot door pull will be shipped to you with mounting screws plus two stickers. We offer this foot door pull in copper, gold and aluminum.

Which footpull hands free door opener will you be choosing today to stop the passing around of viruses including Covid-19?

Other Hands Free Door Pulls

Be sure to check out the selection we have available of other hands free products aside from foot operated door pulls. This includes the Handicap Door Pull 18, the Handicap Door Pull 119, the Handicap Door Pull 19 and the Handicap ADA Hands-Free Door Pull BM4511. These handicap door handles allow you to hook your wrist around or to make a closed fist behind the pull in order to open the door without getting your hands dirty.

These handicap door hardware products differ from one another in style and shape. Different color options are available, so be sure to pick the one that will look best with its surroundings.

Protective Germ Shields

We carry the Marsh School Shield, the perfect item to put a physical barrier between the public and yourself while at work. For example, this germ shield can be used in libraries, ticket booths, school cafeterias, attendance offices, snack kiosks, and in other places where employees and the public typically interact with each other. This barrier between you and the public makes it less likely that any germs will travel between the two of you.

The Marsh School Shield is available in several different sizes. Shield sizes include 30 by 24 inches, 42 by 24 inches and 66 by 24 inches. You have the option to choose whether you would prefer one that features a slot to pass items through or one without a slot. The pass-through slot is 3 by 12 inches.

The protective shield is made of tempered glass that is ¼ of an inch thick. The base of the shield is 12 inches wide. 

Stop Spread Of Coronavirus With Foot Door Pulls

During these trying times in the age of Coronavirus, we want to make sure that our customers are staying as safe as possible. By ensuring that our customers have access to these simple products, they can begin preventing the spread of Coronavirus by installing hands free foot door pulls and handicap door handles to their buildings.

If you have any questions regarding our selection of foot door pulls, give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to help you select the best foot door pull to get you started on your virus free endeavors.