Door Closer Arms

For the past 45 years, our company RBA Door has been selling replacement Door Closer Arms that were made by some of the most highly regarded manufacturers of door security products in the industry today. Many of the door closer arms that we distribute through our site will only work on specific closers. You will want to have a firm understanding of which door closer arm you require before committing to a purchase. 

For example, many of the door closer arms we carry will only work with a certain brand of closer. Aside from that, even door closer arms that were produced by the same manufacturer may only work on a specific style of closer. If you are still not certain of which door closer arm or parts to order, please call and speak to one of our qualified sales representatives to receive further assistance.

High-Quality Door Closer Arms

We sell several different types of door closer arms including regular arms, hold open arms, heavy-duty arms, parallel arms, top arms, offset slide arms, side load arms, center hung arms equalizer arms, fusible link arms, spring CUSH arms, door closer stop arms, CUSH-N-Stop arms (CNS) and more.

The door closer arms we sell are ideal products from top-of-the-line brands in the industry. They are well-made, quality products that you can trust are made with customer satisfaction in mind. 

One brand of door closer arms we distribute products from is Corbin Russwin. This company makes regular, hold open, parallel and heavy-duty arms along with the related parts.

The Corbin Russwin Regular Arm for 2800 is the arm that is typically shipped out with 2800 closers. It can be used with several different Corbin Russwin closer series including the 2810, 2820, 2800, DC3210, DC6210, plus older versions of the 110, 120 and 100 closers.

This non-handed arm can be used on closers that have different mounting methods including top jamb, regular and parallel. The colors you can select are dark bronze, brass and aluminum. Hopefully, this helps to give you a general idea of the different product features the other door closer arms from this brand may or may not have. 

Dorma is another well-known manufacturer that we distribute door closers arms and various parts from. The door closer arms form this brand that we carry have some very unique and specific product features. 

Take for example the Dorma 8812 Offset Slide Arm for RTS88 that we carry. This door closer arm is used in offset slide arm packages such as the RTS25, RTS26, RTS27, RTS28, RTS29, RTS30 and RTS31. It is commonly used when 4-½ inch wide butt hinges or ¾ inch offset hinges are involved and on single-acting doors.

You can continue to browse similar arms we have from different brands, as well. Let us know if you come up with any concerns or inquiries while choosing the most suitable arm for your closer.

Browse Door Closer Arm Parts

The parts that we carry for door closer arms include brackets, shoes, power tracks, studs, stud retaining rings, sliders and more. Arm brackets are one of the main arm related parts that we have in our inventory. 

In our selection of brackets, we have about eight unique styles of parallel arm brackets for door closers. If you require a parallel arm or bracket, this indicates that the closer should be installed on the door’s push side. When the door is closed, the arm should be parallel to it.

The Corbin Russwin Regular Parallel Arm Bracket is typically shipped out with their parallel arm mount closers. Another similar option would be the Corbin Russwin Hold Open Arm Parallel Bracket which is typically shipped when you order their hold open arm. 

This part differs from the aforementioned part in that it should only be applied with the hold open arm for parallel installations. See the product pictures to get a glimpse of what each one looks like.

We also have the International 525 Parallel Bracket. This is the bracket that will normally be shipped out with most of the closers from this brand. The other bracket option for this brand of door closer arms is the heavy-duty International 526 Parallel Arm Bracket which can be used with the Hold Open Door Closer Arm 522.

We also carry door closer arm brackets that were manufactured by Norton Door Controls. This includes the Norton Parallel Arm Bracket and the Norton Hold Open Parallel Bracket. These two door closer arm brackets can also be used with certain closers that were manufactured by the Yale brand.

Another option for door closer arm brackets that we provide are from the Sargent manufacturers. The Sargent Hold Open Parallel Bracket is for their hold open arms whereas the Sargent Parallel Arm Bracket 125-P should be used to convert the 25-O regular arm to a parallel arm mount.

Continue shopping so you don’t miss out on the rest of the door closer arm items we sell on our webstore. 

Contact Info For Door Closer Arm Orders

Please ask us about your order of door closer arms and relevant parts. You can ask us about your order, shipping, payment method, prices or about the door closer arm features. Also let us know if you require help figuring out which door closer arm will function adequately with your closer. 

Our highly dedicated and welcoming team members can be reached at either or at 1 (800) 642-2403. Either way, we always invite our customers to contact our main office when our professional assistance is needed. Customers of are always more than welcome to email us or call us to get the answers they seek regarding their orders or specific item details. 

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  1. LCN Door Closer Hold Open Arm 3049SC

    LCN Door Closer Spring Cush Hold Open Arm 3049SC

    Optional, parallel arm for abusive applications features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe. Handle controls hold-open function.

    Specify your current closers model number when ordering. Not all
    of the LCN closers have the same shape spindle on the door closer
    cylinder. The LCN Part #'s on this Regular Arm is: 1460-3049SC, 4040-3049SC, 4110-3049SC

    Door Closer Stop Colors

    right hand left hand diagram

    As low as $321.22
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