Jackson Panic Device

Jackson has been around for 50 years and has always specialized in concealed door closers for storefront doors. The earliest model of Jackson panic devices was the 885, which was a concealed vertical rod, narrow stile panic device. It has been replaced by the Jackson 1085 which came out in the mid 1970s.

At RBADoor.com, we provide an online platform where consumers can order Jackson panic devices and parts. We carry several series of Jackson exit devices such as the Jackson panic device model 1085 and the Jackson 2095 Series. 

We also offer the option of purchasing Jackson panic hardware for when you have to repair the Jackson panic devices that have already been installed on a commercial door. With numerous products to choose from, you can’t go wrong when ordering Jackson panic devices from RBADoor.com.

Shipping Jackson Panic Devices

Most of the Jackson panic devices that we carry on our online store will ship within 24 to 48 hours of an order placement. Special sizes, finishes and some Jackson panic device parts are factory orders that may take up to 3 weeks. All In Stock Jackson replacement parts ship out within 24 hours.

Jackson Panic Devices Models

Jackson 885 Series – The Jackson 885 was introduced in the 1960’s for use in aluminum framed glass storefront doors. It was discontinued in the 1970’s, but we still run into the Jackson 885 Series today. There is not an exact replacement for this Jackson panic device, and it is usually less expensive to replace the door and frame instead of trying to retrofit newer Jackson panic devices in its place.

Jackson 1085 Series – Introduced in the 1970’s, the Jackson exit device model 1085 is a concealed vertical rod, cross bar style device. The Jackson exit device model 1085 usually ships in about 24 hours and we stock all of the replacement hardware. We ship the Jackson exit device model 1085 with a 4 foot cross bar that is easily trimmed to size in the field.  

The Jackson exit device model 1085 is non-handed and comes in three finishes. Call or email for a breakdown of parts for Jackson exit device model 1085.

Jackson 1095 Series – The 1095 Series Jackson panic devices were also introduced in the 1970’s. These Jackson panic devices are a cross bar style, rim device, meaning they have a latch bolt that sticks out of the active housing and latches on the rim of the doorframe.  

We also ship 1095 Series Jackson exit devices with a 4 foot cross bar that is easily trimmed to size. These Jackson exit devices also ship in 24 hours, are handed and come in three finishes. Call or email us for a breakdown of parts.

Jackson 1285 Series – The Jackson exit device 1285 is a concealed vertical rod device for narrow stile doors. The 1285 series uses the same concealed rods as the 1085 Jackson exit device above, but is a touch bar style device. If you have a 1085 and would like to convert it to a touch bar style device, then the Jackson exit device 1285 would be the exit device to use.  The Kawneer 1686 is the same device as the 1285.

Jackson 1295 Series – The 1295 is the rim equivalent of the Jackson 1285 series. It is designed for narrow stile single storefront doors. This Jackson panic device ships in 24 to 48 hours and we offer it in two finishes. We require the door width and handing to order these Jackson exit devices.  The Kawneer 1786 is the same device as the Kawneer 1786.

Jackson 2085 Series – The Jackson 2085 is a concealed vertical rod device that has been around since the 1980’s. This device is more heavy duty than the ones above, but it is not as common. We would need to know the color, right or left hand, and door width when ordering these Jackson exit devices.

Jackson 2095 Series – The Jackson 2095 is a rim exit device and has the exact appearance as the Jackson 2085. When you order these Jackson panic devices, please choose the color, door width, and whether it will be used with a right or left handed door.

History of Jackson Panic Devices

For over 50 years Jackson has been manufacturing high-quality hardware for the aluminum and tempered glass industry. Their overhead concealed 20-330 door closer, 885, 1085 and 1095 Jackson panic devices, and pivots were industry leaders when they were introduced in the late 1960’s. 

Today, the Jackson exit devices company is owned by C.R. Laurence Company, Inc. (CRL). CRL Jackson exit devices and parts are manufactured in the CRL manufacturing plant in LA.

Our site, RBADoor.com, offers an easy-to-navigate platform for purchasing CRL Jackson exit devices online. Keep us as your designated online distributor of CRL Jackson exit devices for the next time you need to order them. This way, you can save our page in your Bookmarks, hop on our site, key in your search, and be on your way to ordering your CRL Jackson exit devices in no time.

Ordering Jackson Exit Devices

Ask us any questions, whether it’s about the Jackson 2085 Series, the Jackson exit device 1285 or any other Jackson exit devices and replacement hardware. Get ahold of us by phone or email on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time and we will be available to assist you with your order of Jackson exit devices. We are looking forward to helping you out with your next Jackson exit devices order.

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  1. Jackson Panic Device Center Case 1085/1095

    The Jackson Panic Device Center Case 1085/1095 is for use with the 1085 devices for both and left, and the inactive case of the 1095.  Case is easily removed by loosening the two 1/8" Allen screws and one on the bottom.  Includes everything in the housing.  The distance between the mounting studs on this Case is 6-5/16"

    Jackson part # 30-982 Right Hand Body and Arm Assembly
    Jackson part # 30-983 Left Hand Body and Arm Assembly

    Housing Shown in Aluminum

    As low as $109.59
  2. Jackson Panic Device 1095 Active Housing

    The Jackson Panic Device 1095 Active Housing is the working side of the 1095 panic hardware.  The housing comes will all the internal parts, including the latch bolt.  The distance between the mounting studs on this case is 6-5/16".  Jackson part # 30-988 Right Hand Body, and part # 30-989 Left Hand Body

    Left Hand Housing shown in the aluminum finish.

    As low as $168.00
  3. Jackson 30915J Rod and Case Assembly 7'

    The Jackson Exit Device Rod and Case Assembly is used on 7' doors for the models 1085, 1285 and 2086 devices.

    Jackson part # 30915J

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