Panic Hardware

Our company RBA Door is a top distributor of panic devices (also known as exit devices) and panic hardware from leading name brands in the door security industry. Applying security systems and alarm systems to doors that can be found in schools, offices, businesses and in other buildings has become a vital criterion to overall building visitor safety. We entered into the panic hardware industry in the hopes of providing consumers with panic devices and exit device hardware to potentially add to the safety of establishments around the world.

We sell brand new panic devices that can be freshly installed on doors in all sorts of buildings with visitors that constantly come and go. The panic hardware that we supply is more for replacing old, falling apart hardware on your panic devices that have already been installed for a while.

The panic/exit devices in our selection range from surface vertical rod devices to concealed vertical rod devices, from rim exit devices to battery operated alarm systems. Our replacement panic hardware consists of trims, rim cylinders, electric strikes, end caps and more.

Shipping And Handling For Panic Devices

Read our online product descriptions for the panic devices and the panic hardware that we distribute. There you will find the shipping details for the product you clicked on.

Product shipping times vary. If the Lead Time is In Stock, then the panic devices and panic hardware you are ordering will ship straight to you from our warehouse with no delay. If the Lead Time is a day, a week or more, then we will have to order your panic devices from the manufacturer's factory and they will ship from there.

Panic Devices Manufacturers

Below is a list of panic devices brands that we have available in our selection for you to order online. We have panic devices and panic hardware from at least 14 top-rated door security brands. Click on one of the brands listed below for a brief overview of each manufacturer’s company background and an overview of their products.

Commercial Door Panic Devices 

What kind of panic/exit devices do you want installed in your building? We sell several styles of panic/exit devices from reputable panic devices brands. If you already have something in mind, you can do a quick search to see whether we carry the panic/exit devices you are searching for. If not, review the panic devices that we offer so that you can reach a conclusion about which style you will need to use for your doors.

The panic devices brands we sell from manufacture surface vertical rod exit devices, concealed vertical rod exit devices, rim exit devices, crossbar exit devices, touch bar exit devices, push bar panic exit devices, battery powered panic alarm systems and heavy-duty exit devices that you can order from our website. Many of these panic devices come with different color, finish and size options, so take your pick.

The panic devices you order from our web store can work on either single doors or double doors, so be sure to note which style you will need for your door project before placing your order. Also check to see whether the commercial door exit devices are left handed, right handed or non handed. 

Plus, check the product description and make a mental note of what type of doors the device can be used on. Some panic devices can be used on glass doors, narrow stile doors, aluminum hollow metal doors and more. This will be important information to keep in mind when ordering your panic alarm systems for schools, offices or another organization.

Panic Hardware

While we offer numerous styles of panic device for doors in commercial buildings, we also sell replacement exit device hardware if you ever need to replace a part on panic devices or panic alarm systems. We sell panic hardware for glass doors, panic hardware for single doors and double doors, and even panic hardware for some discontinued panic devices. What type of panic hardware you should order will depend entirely on which panic devices are installed on the building doors.

We have more than just trims, strikes, levers, end caps, dogging assemblies, latch covers, brackets and springs in our selection of panic hardware from popular name brands in the industry. Whether you need panic hardware for rim exit devices, panic hardware for glass doors or panic hardware for another reason, we have the perfect replacement parts for you. Order your panic hardware today to receive your parts as soon as possible and get started on making crucial repairs to your panic exit devices.

Order Details For Panic Exit Devices

Make your purchase of panic exit devices and panic hardware through our web store today. We have plenty of exit devices and panic parts that are available to be shipped to you immediately. Before you pay, we want to make sure that all of your questions are answered.

Send us your questions regarding your panic exit devices order before you check out and we will provide you with helpful answers at our earliest convenience. Give us a call or send us an email so that we can properly assist you with your online panic exit devices order.

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  1. Yale 1500 Panic Device

    Yale 1500 Exit Device

    1500-36 For openings up to 36" (0.91m) wide.
    1500-48 For openings up to 48" (1.22m) wide.
    Strikes 799 Rim Strike (Single Doors)
    Stile Minimum Stile width: 4-1/2" (114mm)
    Hand Field Reversible

    As low as $2,107.90
  2. Yale 7100 Panic Device

    Yale 7100 Exit Device

    Door Opening Width:
    -36 for 30" - 36" (762 - 914mm) doors
    -48 for 36-1/2" - 48" (927 - 1219mm) doors
    Door Thickness: 1-3/4" (44mm) standard.
    Minimum Stile Width: 4-1/2" (114mm)
    Projection: 3-1/4" (83mm) active, 2-3/4" (70mm) dogged
    Latchbolt: 3/4" (19mm) deadlocking stainless steel Pullman-type
    Strike: 757 (panic),

    As low as $1,146.46
  3. Doromatic Exit Device 9970 Offset Pull

    Can be used with all Doromatic devices. Comes complete with mounting studs (G199002S)
    9-1/4" center to center
    2-7/8" projection
    1-3/4" clearance

    Falcon Doromatic Jackson Finishes

    As low as $132.75
  4. Jackson 1285 Panic Device

    1285 Series exit device blends the reliability of the 10 series with the sleek, contemporry style of the today's push-pad exit devices. Easy to retrofit existing 10 Series exits. Made of extruded aluminum.

    exit device handing diagram

    As low as $315.25
  5. Von Duprin Panic Hardware 210K Knob Trim

    The Von Duprin Panic Device 210K  Knob Trim is for use on the 22 Rim and 2227 Surface Vertical Rod devices.  Key in knob can lock and unlock the knob.  Since the enforcement of local ADA standards, this knob is probably at the end of this life, no one seems to want these anymore.  The mounting plate measures 3" wide by 4-25/32", and is 3-32" thick.  We do have parts on this Knob, but at this point they are not on the website.

    Von Duprin 22 Colors

    As low as $277.58
  6. Von Duprin Panic Device 210NL Trim

    The Von Duprin Panic Device 210NL Trim is part of there economy series trims.  This trim iis a pull with a key cylinder hole, it will line up with the chassis mounting holes of the 22 and 2227 devices.  The key locks and unlocks the exit device.  The plate measures 5-3/8" x 4-25/32" x 3/32", with a projection of 1-31/32".

    Von Duprin 22 Colors

    As low as $57.81
  7. Von Duprin 2670 Guard-X Panic Device

    Heavy Duty Design
    The new Series 2670 Exit Alarm Lock provides secure protection through a large stainless steel deadbolt, which is 2" x 1/2" (51mm x 13mm) and has over a 3/4" (19mm) throw. The engagement area into the strike is over 1 1/4" (32mm) square inches. The cast aluminum latch case protects the internal mechanism and resists tampering or vandalism from inside the door. This unit has been tested to withstand up to 1600 pounds of static load force against the door.

    Fits 36" to 48" doors.
    Uses 9 volt battery
    Ships with all mounting hardware and strike.

    As low as $581.60
  8. Von Duprin 88 Panic Device

    The Von Duprin 88 Panic Device has been around since the 1950's, and is probably the device that put Von Duprin on the Map.  It is designed for all types of single and double doors with mullions.  It is field reversible, and ships with a 42" cross bar that can be cut down in the field.  The device is dogged down with a 5/32" hex key, and ships with all mounting screws and the 299 strike.

    Plated Door Finishes

    As low as $1,281.41
  9. Von Duprin Panic Device 880TP Trim

    The Von Duprin Panic Device 880TP Trim is for the 88 series only.  The stanchions welded on the back line up with the 88 device on the interior.  The optional key cylinder locks and unlocks the thumb piece.  The plate measures 3" wide by 14-3/16" long with an 1-5/8" bore hole for cylinder.

    Von Duprin part # 880TP-R

    Plated Door Finishes

    As low as $321.37
  10. Von Duprin 99 Panic Device Only

    The Von Duprin 99 Rim Panic device has been around since the late 1970's and has gone through a couple of improvements.  One of the great things about the 99 is the availability of replacement parts.  Even when the device is upgraded, the upgraded parts will work with the older versions that can be close to 40 years old.  This device is for all types of single and double doors with mullions.  The device is UL Listed for Panic Exit Hardware and is considered Grade 1, the heaviest duty rating possible.  The Von Duprin 98 device has a smooth mechanism case and the Von Duprin 99 device has a grooved case. The rim device is non-handed, meaning it will work on Left and Right hand doors.   Ships with all the mounting screws and the 299 Strike.


    Plated Door Finishes

    As low as $1,224.95
  11. Dor-O-Matic 1690/1790/1990/2090 Pinion PB5


    The Dor-O-Matic 1690/1790/1990/2090 Pinion PB5 has been in use since the 1970's.  This gear or pinion is what activates the latch or the rods on the 990, 1090, 1690, 1790, 1990 and 2090 devices.  The Dor-o-Matic Panic Devices have been around since the late 1960’s, but have most recently been known as the Falcon Panic Device from a name change they had in about 2008.  They are the same device, with the same parts, just a different name plate.  The manufacture part number on this is CAM.102, PB5 or PB140.

    1690 parts breakdown

    1790 parts breakdown

    1990 parts breakdown

    2090 parts breakdown

  12. Dor-o-Matic 1990/2090 Dog Screw PB14


    Dor-o-Matic 990/1090/199092090 dogging screw. This is the screw that holds down the cross bar when you tighten it.
    The thread is 7/16-14.

    Doromatic part # SCREW.1022

    Dor-o-Matic 990/1990 Repair Parts Breakdown
    Dor-o-Matic 1090/2090 Repair Parts Breakdown

  13. Dor-o-Matic 1690/1990 Top Strike PB48

    The Dor-o-Matic 1690/1990 Top Strike PB48 is used on the Dor-o-Matic 1690, 1990 and 2390 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit and Panic Devices. The plate measures 1" x 1-1/16" with 4 holes. The mounting holes are 11/16" x 11/16" on center. The diameter of the pin is 7/16" and projects out 5/32". Ships with mounting screws and 3 shim plates.  The Dor-o-Matic Panic Devices have been around since the late 1960’s, but have most recently been known as the Falcon Panic Device from a name change they had in about 2008.  They are basically the same device, with the same parts, just a different name plate.  Falcon part # PB48.

    Dor-o-Matic/Falcon 990/1990 Repair Parts Breakdown
    Dor-o-Matic/Falcon 1690 Repair Parts Breakdown

  14. Dor-o-Matic 1690 Pinion Support Bracket PB312

    Dor-o-Matic 1690 Pinion Support Bracket. Bracket holds pinion tip so that it will not slip

    Doromatic part # BRKT.478, BRKT.133 or PB312

    Dor-o-Matic 1690 Repair Parts Breakdown

  15. Dor-O-Matic 1690/1790/2390 Dogging Assembly PBX-16

    Dor-O-Matic 1690/1790/2390 Dogging Assembly PBX-16

    Falcon Doromatic 1690, 1790, and 2390 replacement dogging assy. The dogging assembly is used to dog the door in the open position, so people can enter the building without having to unlatch the door for the inside or with a key on the outside.  The KIT.1197 comes complete with mounting screws.   Some of the earlier version where riveted into the rail, so you might need to drill out the rivets, the screws shipped with KIT.1197 have self tapping thread forming screws.

    Doromatic part # KIT.1197

    Dor-o-Matic 1690 Repair Parts Breakdown
    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Repair Parts Breakdown
    Falcon / Dor-o-Matic 2390 Parts Break Down

  16. Sargent 20/60 Plastic End Cap Only 68-0434

    The Sargent 20/60 Plastic End Cap Only 68-0434 will also work on the 30 Series Panic Hardware.   The cap has been manufactured for the last 40 years and is made of high impact plastic.  The end cap measures 1-5/8" wide by 2-3/8" tall and projects out 2-3/4".

    Sargent Part # 68-0434

  17. Sargent 80 Series Plastic End Cap Only

    Sargent Exit Device 80 Series Plastic End Cap

    This part is the weak link in this exit device. When the end cap falls off the Dogging Cover Plate falls out also! The end cap is 1-1/8" wide by 2-7/16" tall and projects out 1-7/8".

    Sargent Part # 68-0561

  18. Corbin- Russwin ED4000/5000 C9 Trim

    Corbin Russwin ED4000/5000 C9 Trim

    Passage -Entrance by knob or lever. Door is always unlocked.
    Classroom-Entrance by knob or lever. Key locks or unlocks knob or lever.

    As low as $534.33
  19. Corbin-Russwin ED4000/5000 N9 Trim

    Corbin Russwin ED4000/5000 N9 Trim

    Passage -Entrance by knob or lever. Door is always unlocked.
    Classroom-Entrance by knob or lever. Key locks or unlocks knob or lever.

    As low as $534.33
  20. Yale Trim Spring Red 60-7000-1225-999

    Yale Trim Spring Red

    Same part as the Corbin Russwin Lever Trim Spring. Used on Yale and Corbin Russwin LHR or RH Doors. The spring has an 1-1/4" diameter.

    Yale Part # 60-7000-1225-999
    Corbin Russwin # 651F61

    exit device handing diagram

  21. Monarch / Falcon 24-R Series Rim Exit Device

    Monarch / Falcon 24-R Series Rim Exit Device

    Robust and aesthetically pleasing, the Falcon 25 Series exit devices provide you a full range of functions and are able to fit narrow and wide stile door types. Falcon is focused on providing you solid products with solid performance at a solid price. The sleek architectural design is perfect for a variety of applications to assure every door opening provides safe egress while also integrating with the overall building design. Combining functionality and design allows you to have confidence that your exit device is built to last and will look great - all at an affordable price.

    • Hand: Non-handed.
    • Finishes: US3 (605); US4 (606); US10 (612); US26 (625); US26D (626);
      US32 (629); US32D (630); US28 (628), 313AN.
    • Strikes: 299 strike standard.
    • Latchbolt: Stainless steel, 3⁄4" throw.
    • Deadlocking Latchbolt: Standard.
    • Dogging Feature: 1⁄2 turn hex dogging standard. No threaded parts to wear out.
    • Doors: 1-3⁄4" thick, wood or metal. Specify thickness if other than 1-3⁄4".
    • Projection: 2-3⁄4" maximum, 2” dogged.
    • Mounting Height: 40-1⁄4" from CL to finished floor.
    • Fasteners: All mounting screws are concealed, sheet metal screws and machine
      screws standard.
    • ANS I: Certified ANSI A156.3-2001 Grade 1 standards.
    • Center Case & Working Parts: Center case is heavy wrought and sintered metal parts.

    Call for pricing on non listed finishes
    2 week lead time

    As low as $806.24
  22. Von Duprin Strike 385A

    The Von Duprin Strike 385A is used on the floor for the Von Duprin 2227, 8827, 9827 and 9927 Surface Vertical Rods. Von Duprin recommends this strike if you are mounting the bottom strike in wood.  The strike face plate outside dimensions are 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" with an inside dimension of 1-1/8" by 1". This floor strike features a bolt that can be cemented into the floor.  This is an optional strike when added security is needed.  Zinc plated finish.

  23. Von Duprin Strike 1609

    The Von Duprin Strike 1609 strike is used when we have a double door application without a center post. By using this strike we can have one door with a surface vertical rod and one door a rim device, which will save money because vertical rods are usually expensive. This strike can be used with the Von Duprin 22/2227, 88/8827, 98/9827 and 99/9927 combinations. The strike base measures 1-1/16" wide by 3-1/4" high, the lip projects out 7/8". The three slots are 1-1/4" on center. This strike ships with the mounting screws.   This Strike is not rated for Fire Doors, which are usually interior corridor doors.

    Von Duprin Part # US19-Black finish

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